Stuart Fork Trail begins at the Trinity Alps Resort and wonders into the back country for many miles along crossing many streams. It is a great way to hike the back country and stay in the shade and relatively cool during the hot summer. A great place to enjoy nature at its best.

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This is a really bad video which I took when I first bought my camera and discovered it could do videos. It does show some of the type of land that is in Modoc and how vast it is. Again, I have purchased an HD camcorder and any new videos will be taken with this camera.

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This video shows the annual quilt show and craft fair in Weaverville, CA. This was video was taken in 2010

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Catch the adventures of Craig Ex, the Expert from Expert Joints, at the Emerald Cup all weekend long. The Emerald Cup attracts the best, brightest, and highest in cannabis to Northern California every year. Along with a who’s-who of growers and industry leaders, the Emerald Cup always has a packed line-up of musical talent, meaning you never know who Craig might bump into next.

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This slide show of photos I took while traveling around Mt Shasta via I-5, hwy 97, military pass, and forest road 31 which ends in the town of Shasta. These photos were taken on July 11, 2006, and so before the current drought we are experiencing now.

1 year, 10 months ago

This hidden treasure of Trinity county is well worth the drive. It boasts some of the best fishing any where and has numerous camp grounds to enjoy the lake. I really enjoyed getting away from the summer heat. The cool breeze coming off the lake was great, but I would have to eventually head back home.

If you like to camp and get away from the heat come here to Ruth Lake where everyone can find a way to have fun and keep cool.


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