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Nissan Note ad
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Nissan Note
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The Nissan Note (Japanese: 日産・ノート, Nissan Nōto) is a supermini/subcompact hatchback or a mini MPV[1] manufactured and marketed by Nissan. Introduced in 2004, the first-generation Note was primarily marketed in Japan and Europe, where it was produced in Japan and the United Kingdom. The second-generation model was sold in other regions, including North America where it was manufactured in Mexico and marketed as the Versa Note, and Thailand, where it serves as the only B-segment hatchback offered by the brand under the Eco Car tax scheme.[2]

In 2017, the second-generation Note was replaced by the French-built K14 Micra for the European market.[3] The Versa Note was discontinued in North America in 2019 due to the decreasing demand for subcompact hatchbacks in the region.[4] It continued to be produced and sold in Japan up to the introduction of the third-generation Note.

The Note was introduced with a series hybrid drivetrain in late 2016 as the Note e-Power.[5] Due to its popularity and the push of electrification, the third-generation Note is only

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Tunak Tunak Tun

Death Note

I forgot where the original came from, but I felt it must be preserved here in some fashion.

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Do you believe that L and Light have telepathic communication? Leave a Like if you do, and a Dislike if you don't.

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Do you believe Jake Humphrey because i certainly dont

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Warning left by suicided ice agent

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Nissan Note ad 2006

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Nissan note ad 2006

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manufactured News to serve as 'public Information' via crap 'Social ' Media

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If you've never seen the anime, you won't understand it.

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A review of Netflix's 2017 live action movie Death Note

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Clips used from:

Death Note
2017 ? Fantasy/Mystery ? 1h 41m
Director: Adam Wingard
Production company: Vertigo Entertainment
Producers: Masi Oka, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Ted Sarandos, Jason Hoffs
Top 10 Death Note Anime Moments [60FPS]
Death Note - Monster
Movie: Death Note
Director: Shusuke Kaneko

Music by - The Buttertones - Matador

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