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mirrored from Jim Fetzer's The Real Deal 16 April 2019, Greg Hallett on the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and Merlin, suggesting that it has symbolic meaning for the Throne of England as a Fire of Renewal, which initially sounds rather odd until you add up the totality of signs that appear to hold significance. I have been unable to find any flaws in his argument. Why is this man ignored by media?

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Audio can be found here: https://archive.org/details/TheParanormiesPresentSeason4
Bitchute Episode 1-25 Playlist: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/e2dFwVuWeEO8/

Happy 4/20 and Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite uncle! Tonight on the Paranormies we are joined by long time friend Fash Gordon to discuss a few weird topics. Opening with our takes on some current events such as the Notre Dame fire and the feedback to our first episode body slamming the """""""moon landing""""""" hoax,
we segue into a discussion on a couple of odd ducks who left a terrible mark on our culture: Sylvester Graham and later John Harvey Kellogg. What do the inventor of the graham cracker and corn flakes have to do with our culture? Both of them led bizzare health cults which contributed to the soyboy and circumcision phenomena we have today. Sound weird? It is. It's really weird. Listen in and find out just how weird it gets on this episode.
Creepypasta: Ventris Community Savings & Loan, read by Bradshaw Wilson

Johnny Monoxide, Adam Haidt and Fash Gordon


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CCTV proof of the inside job and how they started the fire with DEW Direct Energy Weapon. Media reporting on the Notre Dame Paris fire before it even happened. Predictive programming in Hollywood movies and more.

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What makes a civilization?

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Kenneth Clark

'Kenneth Clark's Civilization - The Skin of Our Teeth'


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