Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility was hit by an alleged Israeli let cyber attack, which could lead to a military escalation and possible break down of the US-Iran re-entering the Iran Nuclear Deal.
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The recent China Iran Deal is aimed at making US sanctions on Iran an irrelevant negotiating tool for the Biden Administration to get Iran back on the Iran Nuclear Deal. But it's also part of a bigger plan to provide China with oil, grow the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the Middle East, and one day even surpass the US as a global super power.
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Joe Biden wants to talk about nukes with Tehran. Ever since Donald Trump tore up Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions, Iran’s stepped up uranium enrichment and banned UN inspectors.
So can the Iranian nuclear deal be brought back to life? Washington’s bombing of Iran-backed militia in Syria, probably isn’t the most promising start...
RT’s Ben Swann gets the view from Tehran, Israel, and the US.
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Iran Urges European Countries To Save The Nuclear Deal Before it's Too Late!

July 06, 2019 World News


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Zolna Report May 24, 2018
Countries that don't support our President need to be cut aside.

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Iran Lied About Nuclear Weapons

In a video that's now on the internet, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a power point presentation showing that Iran has been 'brazenly lying' after signing Obama’s nuclear deal.

In fact, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Iran President, and Iran’s Foreign Minister all lied about never having had a nuclear weapons program. And after Obama’s “worst deal in history”, where he paid Iran 150+ billion dollars in plane loads of cash (of our money) to stop their nuclear program, Iran hid it’s secret nuclear files, so they could start up their nuclear weapons production again at a moment’s notice.

Any such documents were supposed to have been destroyed. But Israel special forces found them. And stole them.

In fact, Israel has obtained half a ton of documents, as well as 55,000 files on 183 CDs. These include, blueprints, videos, presentations, documents, charts, photos, and more that show their nuclear weapons program, Project Amad- which was to design, build and test nuclear weapons in order to put Hiroshima size atomic warheads, onto missiles that they already have flying.

Watch this episode of Politically Correct, to find out more.

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