The sequel!

There's a part he reads as "mirage" that actually says "marriage." Somewhat important.

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rudy get in here

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Kim Jong-Un announced victory over Covid in North Korea

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On truth, will, and consciousness. The Trinity.

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Listen to me, or don't. but ask yourselves the following; "Am I helping the people trying to bring about my demise?" If 'yes' maybe just start acting, not re-acting.

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A cool documentary on YouTube. Uploaded here incase the inevitable fags flag & take it down.

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By Owen Benjamin, animated by MountainBear

@mountainbear_ on Instagram

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Voiced by Owen Benjamin

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Not only did all of it happen, it was WORSE

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susan wojcicki is still a butt plug

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hilarious vid from jackobat

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SINEP in control, patriots

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Owen Shroyer Full Testimony July 28 2022

also, don't miss Judge Bitch Cuntface Cunty Bitch throughout the entire trial. Imagine if that was your wife, or your mom? Golly.

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A Garlic A Day Keeps The J's Away

3 weeks ago

Legendary letter from stream #1453

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Performing Live at The 2022 Beartaria Times National Festival

House The Grate , Jason Lindgren and Anchor Bear!

Get tickets now at:


We are expecting to hear more announcements this weekend. More speakers, musicians, and an event schedule!

Stay tuned for exclusive reporting.

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The Source of the clip is:


20 Jul 2022

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How riffing in a stream becomes a whole new character & animation.

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Owen blatantly lies in the meeting about where he got the money and the whole thing despite his neighbors already knowing the Beartaria streams.

Owen's neighbors seems to be much more concerned with the bears well-being for the coming upheaval.

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Owen demonstrates why some don't get the joke

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He Reeled in His Audience With His Fake "Based" Persona but Like All Hollywood Freaks He Was a Liar and Eventually the Rat Inside Crawled to the Surface and He Cant Help Himself. Roast Him --> https://www.bitchute.com/video/jrNdUdQMp3QU/

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(quality of recording could not be helped, it was at the source)

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Owen being Owen reading mail

1 month ago

this is a major white pill. you might see this as more clown world nonsense, but you should see it for what it is; clown world about to break. these people aren't based in reality and an enemy who can't tell reality is an enemy destined to fail. their water won't run, their toilets won't work, they'll even "identify" as fully fed to deny their malnourishment & starvation.

they don't have much time left.

1 month ago

Reflections on Bitchute

1 month ago

Nellie Neighi provides a an update to the pandodemic, we meet the mysterious CUBE, and an update is provided to Alan's new found condition. All this more on episode 3 of Grunyons Check out our other channels Youtube

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Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed. This is what an actual January 6th looks like not the fake one that America scripted. The IMF won’t bail them out either. 80% of the population currently can’t get daily meals. They had a middle class last year. This was the country that known pedophile, science fiction author and inventor of frauds like the satellite Arthur C Clark fled to to avoid arrest and openly live with young boys. The country has been morally broken for a long time. But now it’s financially broken. They also just ran out of all fossil fuels and no one will ship them any because their money is worthless. Imagine currently being on that island? And the news isn’t reporting it because it scares them. This is never far from any country functioning on a fiat currency. And no Bitcoin is not a solution as Canada will tell you. Yesterday all of their digital banking shut down for a full day.

Great time to join the Beartaria Times app and find a local community to barter with.

1 month ago