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Owen Benjamin talks with Christopher Gardner about the Prague Astronomical clock in relation to the flat earth, old world human consciousness & the ages.

The Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj is a medieval astronomical clock attached to the Old Town Hall in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest clock still in operation.

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Owen Benjamin - Throwback (May, 23, 2019)
Arcade Fire - Wake Up

Picturing our entire human existence as a Truman Show reality, then pondering what that would actually entail just baffles the mind, it is well worth the contemplation. Imagining our entire human collective experience as an insignificant ant colony, maybe an elaborate staged plain, or even a flat island in the void is scary af! Ha! But so are most of the other alternative theorized possibilities. To fathom the sun/moon/sky as nothing more than sophisticated props on the set, well it just stifles the senses.

I put this video together with flatness, props, and plains in mind.

If this really is all just a figment, I'm all in. Or, if this is a plan with purpose, and our nature is to wonder endlessly, I'm still all in. That inherent drive to wonder seems to be programmed into all of us. Anyway, if this is all just a proverbial stage, I am still all in because you should see the fiery colors of my trees right now as the season changes.

"We're forced to bed, but we're free to dream. All us human extras, all us herded beings. And after a glimpse over the top, the rest of the world, becomes a gift shop. The beautiful lull, the dangerous tug, we get to feel small, from high up above. But not out of place at all."
Lyric excerpt by Gord Downie r.i.p.

I also like the infinite universes' theory. "Anything that can happen, will happen." is an incredibly large statement. Still, I am a "round earther/single universer", though I have an issue with edges, or lack there of. That is a different story, which exceeded the 5000-character limit here.

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The "tail" of Stein's segment and then Big Bear's appearance.

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Owen Benjamin Bitchute

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Calling you crazy is a failed narrative. Now the whole world can see it.

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Owen Benjamin & MrBeast - Repeat The Words 'Logan Paul' Over & Over & Over Again

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A Deeper Look Into Bear On A Bike

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This is exactly the music industry; jews guiding blacks to the agenda

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Owen Benjamin Toots Out Some Gravy

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Addicted To Porn - Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love Parody ft Owen Benjamin

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The IDF soldier took this paper boys bike just to give it to joe Rogan who’s hiding in a dumpster

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#YeToo - survivors who have been deplatformed for naming the jew.

Share your #YeToo story in the comments section and all over social media with the hashtag #YeToo. It's time we ALL got a voice (((they))) can't ignore.

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get dat monaaaaaaaaaay

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Catch all underground instagram on Unauthorized.Tv

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BB, David Weiss & Crrow777 Discuss Sunsets, Optical Illusions, Floating Ships on the Water, The 2 Suns & Negative Effects of TV

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BB, David Weiss & Crrow777 Discuss Moon Mysteries, Mirrors, Reflections & Illusions, Natural Law, The Sun, Polaris, Contradicting The Bible, Ships on the Horizon & Mirages

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Big Bear criticizes Canadians in Ottawa for wasting time and raving, instead of creating long term solutions. He also has his own Jew that tells him what they're up to next.

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BB, David Weiss & Crrow777 Discuss Lunar Waves, Curvature, Lighthouse Distance, Immovable & Fixed Bible References, The Zodiac, School Indoctrination, Project Loon & Meteors

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BB, David Weiss & Crrow777 Discuss Future Predictions, Jabs in NY, Free Will, Authority, Digital Currency, Stripping of Wealth, Plane Flight Patterns & William Shatner

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