This episode is inspired by Paul Harvey's epic segment from 1965 called, "If I Were the Devil", where he outlined what the devil would do if he wanted to take down the United States.

In this episode, I attempt to update his nearly sixty-year-old rant with some specific and recent examples.

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Public Education Taught You What To Think Not How To Think?
Critical Thinking Skill:
Two Doors Side by Side are able to speak and say only Yes or No to any question asked them ! A Binary Test!
One door Leads to God and the Divine the Other door Leads to Satan and the Damnation.
You can only ask one question to one of the doors. One door will always tell the truth. One door will always tell the lie. You choose which door to ask and you choose the question to ask and then you must proceed to choose a door and pass through.

Choose Wisely! This enigma is an old one but a good one. It can be solved with CRITICAL THINKING !!!

Education Not Indoctrination
V/R Chuck U Farley
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“If I were the devil … If I were the Prince of Darkness, I’d want to engulf the whole world in darkness. And I’d have a third of its real estate, and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn’t be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree — Thee. So I’d set about however necessary to take over the United States. I’d subvert the churches first — I’d begin with a campaign of whispers. With the wisdom of a serpent, I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve: ‘Do as you please.

To the young, I would whisper that ‘The Bible is a myth.’ I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around. I would confide that what’s bad is good, and what’s good is ‘square.’ And the old, I would teach to pray, after me, ‘Our Father, which art in Washington…

And then I’d get organized. I’d educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting, so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting. I’d threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa. I’d pedal narcotics to whom I could. I’d sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction. I’d tranquilize the rest with pills.

If I were the devil I’d soon have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves, and nations at war with themselves; until each in its turn was consumed. And with promises of higher ratings I’d have mesmerizing media fanning the flames. If I were the devil I would encourage schools to refine young intellects, but neglect to discipline emotions — just let those run wild, until before you knew it, you’d have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door.

Within a decade I’d have prisons overflowing, I’d have judges promoting pornography — soon I could evict God from the courthouse, then from the schoolhouse, and then from the houses of Congress. And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science. I would lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls, and church money. If I were the devil I’d make the symbols of Easter an egg and the symbol of Christmas a bottle.

If I were the devil I’d take from those who have, and give to those who want until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious.

And what do you bet I could get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich? I would caution against extremes and hard work in Patriotism, in moral conduct. I would convince the young that marriage is old-fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on the TV is the way to be. And thus, I could undress you in public, and I could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure. In other words, if I were the devil I’d just keep right on doing what he’s doing.”

Paul Harvey, good day.

Hell On Earth,
If I Were The Devil
Jesus Christ,
Paul Harvey,
World Council of Churches,

11 months ago

Essas são as palavras de Paul Harvey sobre o policia. Esta é uma forma de prestar homenagem a uma classe que tem sido atacada dentro e fora de seu perímetro de trabalho, também em Portugal.

Paul Harvey foi um locutor de rádio Conservador americano que soube reconhecer os méritos desta profissão pela figura invisível do seu pai que falecera quando tinha apenas três anos. O pai de Paul tem o seu nome gravado num memorial de pedra em honra aos seus serviços prestados como agente da lei, morto enquanto cumpria a sua função. Talvez não possamos encontrar em nós as mesmas palavras de um filho, que sentiu no percurso de seu crescimento a ausência do pai. Ou ainda de outros que guardam para si o ónus de amar quem saí todos os dias com a função de manter a Lei e a Ordem pondo em risco, não somente a própria vida, mas o destino da própria família, para que o cidadão, indiferente, caminhe e viva um pouco mais seguro, sem o saber.
These are Paul Harvey's words about the police. This is a way of paying homage to a class that has been attacked inside and outside its perimeter of work, also in Portugal.

Paul Harvey was an American Conservative radio announcer who was able to recognize the merits of this profession by the invisible figure of his father who died when he was just three years old. Paul's father has his name engraved on a stone memorial in honor of his services as a law enforcement officer, killed while doing his job. Perhaps we cannot find in us the same words as a son, who felt the absence of his father in the course of his growth. Or even of others who keep the burden of loving those who left every day with the function of maintaining Law and Order, putting at risk not only their own lives, but the destiny of their own families, so that the citizen, indifferent , walk and live a little safer without knowing it.

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Paul Harvey was a conservative American radio broadcaster for ABC News Radio.

He broadcast News and Comment on weekday mornings and mid-days and at noon on Saturdays, as well as his famous The Rest of the Story segments.

Two things to note about his segments...

He only needed to record ALL his segments just once, no retakes nor snippets to correct anything. H recorded the coming week's radio programs the week previous doing all 5 broadcasts in one sitting.

Every prophecy he gave in his programs have come to past or are now in realization...

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OTRS 012 - Halloween Special - If I Were the Devil by Paul Harvey - (1965)

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The voice of Paul Harvey saved onto a time machine so we can hear these words today.

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