"On 20 September 1941, a German U-boat sinks a US ship, further deteriorating relations between the two countries that are officially not at war with each other. During the past months, several incidents have already occurred where German U-boats sank American vessels delivering supplies to Britain. Despite America's ever convenient expanding neutrality zones which makes it inevitable for US ships to end up engaging German U-boats, FDR makes an announcement holding Germany responsible for the situation."

--From The Impartial Truth @minds.com in ref to:
"Roosevelts new "shoot on sight policy"" posted on Oct 9 2020


Ref: 'shoot on sight'
America’s Secret War Before Pearl Harbor
Roosevelt’s ‘Secret Map’ Speech By Mark Weber

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Sept 11 2001 Project for NEW AMERICAN CENTURY - PNAC The New Pearl Harbor WTC. Same old, same old. Different era, different criminals, same result. We die by the thousands and they make money. Blood Money.

What I do when not outing pedophiles and the Elite for their crimes:
I fight criminal courts, bankers and lawyers, stop foreclosures, property theft of all kinds, fight credit bureaus, collectors, improve credit, void and remove judgments and none of this is easy You cannot file a piece of paper in these false courts for profit and expect to win. You must learn they don't follow their own rules, they cheat. I'm not saying you have to cheat back, You have to bring their criminal activity into light and you have to take away their incentive to cheat, there is a way to do this.

When you go into one of our FOR PROFIT criminal court CORPORATIONS here in the United States at the state level for sure they are a PRIVATE corporation. This information is available at Dun and Bradstreet, every court has a Dun and Bradstreet number. Why? Because they are operating for a profit IN COMMERCE. They also have OFFSHORE RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS called the court registry investment system or (CRIS) for short. That's where the court launders money to for their slush funds. Yes they do launder money that's a minor crime for a state court. This means that the attorney, the judge and the staff HAVE A FINANCIAL INCENTIVE TO HARM YOU OR JAIL YOU FOR A PROFIT.
They do this to steal your "money" but It's not money like we think of, IT IS CREDIT. Everything is done in the form of credit you cannot pay for something because there is no such thing as money, Federal Reserve notes are not money At least that is what the courts (SUPREME COURT INCLUDED), Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury plainly have stated.

So when they ask you in court "do you UNDERSTAND the charges", you cannot possibly understand the charges because you haven't seen them yet. They are asking if you are you willing to pay the bill. If you say YES, you just agreed to a contract you did not know existed. Pay the bill. If you argue, you are crazy because now you want to argue about the bill you just said you would pay. Never agree that you UNDERSTAND.

They are probating your estate They have set up a CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST illegally and APPOINTED YOU AS TRUSTEE and are holding you responsible for a bill you have yet to see. This is how they launder money in the form of credit. It is as criminal as it gets but that is our system. It is hard to comprehend what they're actually doing and the depth of their criminal activity and dishonesty.
This is how they take your children, this is how they put people in jail, repossess homes, steal rights, property anything and everything you can imagine, including your freedom. The key is how do you stop them from doing this or make them not want to do it again that's the journey I'm on, making them stop.
Think they are immune? No cop, judge lawyer or clerk is immune once they violate their oath, the law or the constitution. Do you know how to make them accountable?

I spent several years working with CPA firms, I am a former mortgage lender have finance and accounting experience. I spent ten years in a the credit repair business and more. I've been studying law, commerce, banking and taxes for 28 years.

If you're fighting a judgment in court, have a bad credit report, they're trying to foreclose on you and take your home or car, send me an email I'd like to help you I'm very reasonable. I'm not a law firm I'm not a lawyer but I'll help you fight the system because you can't win in against them alone. If you don't know the game they are playing then you have no chance. I do and file things attorneys won't, I say things they won't say, I ask questions attorneys won't ask and most of all I ask questions that nobody wants to answer about their criminal behavior.

If you would like a free consultation send me an email with a phone number to call you at and I will call you as soon as possible.
Email: [email protected].

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