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When they start wearing black uniforms people you know tyranny is not far away. This is what the Covid Hoax is all about, power & Communist control. Well you fuck heads we have read our history books and you are never going to win this one, you may have fooled the corporate masked muppet dopey cops but they have never been known for their intelligence, they only join the corporate gang because they cannot get a job anywhere else, we know you better than you know your stupid communist selves, you will all pay for fucking us around in Australia. You will never win.
South-western Sydney mother of two who was attacked and indecently assaulted by a gang of out of control NSW Riot Police has spoken out for the first time since the horrific incident 2 days ago.
In protest of the Government's fear campaign the young 3rd year nursing student has announced her resignation from her nursing career as a political statement in defiance to the brutal indecent assault carried out on her by members of the NSW POLICE Public Order and Riot Squad.

2 months, 1 week ago