Pinephone: Starting out with (DanctNIX Mobile) Arch Linux we go step by step through the process of adding BlackArch repositories. Then we try everything out installing Blackarch's radio tools for future SDR (Software Defined Radio) videos.

This is my first Danctnix video, and I've wanted to do one for a while. I was waiting for a good idea to make it stand out from other stable Mobian Phosh videos.

This is a perfect way to use DanctNIX. I don't think any other current (Pinephone) distro is as quickly capable to become a pentesting studio as this one.

I wasn't sure how things would workout, and some GUI programs will not open, but as I say in the video: the fun is on the commandline. :)

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00:00​ Introduction
00:57​ Enabling SSH for easy typing into Pinephone from computer
02:26​ Here we are ssh'd into Pinephone on my laptop
02:49​ We are starting the process now
06:54​ Back on the Pinephone to test Blackarch tool running

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### Installation commands:

# Run https://blackarch.org/strap.sh​ as root and follow the instructions.
$ curl -O https://blackarch.org/strap.sh​

# Verify the SHA1 sum
$ echo d062038042c5f141755ea39dbd615e6ff9e23121 strap.sh | sha1sum -c

# Set execute bit
$ chmod +x strap.sh

# Run strap.sh
$ sudo ./strap.sh

# Enable multilib following https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/...​ and run:
$ sudo pacman -Syu

### After above use the commands below to build your system how you want!

# To list all of the available tools, run
$ sudo pacman -Sgg | grep blackarch | cut -d' ' -f2 | sort -u

# To install all of the tools, run
$ sudo pacman -S blackarch

# To install a category of tools, run
$ sudo pacman -S blackarch-category

# To see the blackarch categories, run
$ sudo pacman -Sg | grep blackarch

# Note - it maybe be necessary to overwrite certain packages when installing blackarch tools. If
# you experience "failed to commit transaction" errors, use the --needed and --overwrite switches
# For example:
$ sudo pacman -Syyu --needed blackarch --overwrite='*'

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Blackarch website: https://www.blackarch.org

7 months, 2 weeks ago

1. Install Docker (https://www.docker.com/get-started)
2. Run those commands in the Terminal:
docker pull opensecurity/mobile-security-framework-mobsf
docker run -it -p 8000:8000 opensecurity/mobile-security-framework-mobsf:latest
4. Open the browser on the specified port
5. Drag APK of necessary app and perform analysis
6. Review the analysis and save as PDF if needed

0:00 Introduction
0:40 Discussing specific Application
1:25 Preparing the environment
2:43 MobSF installation completed
2:53 Performing the analysis of the APK file
5:50 Conclusions

More about MobSF:

DIVA app download:

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This presentation will highlight some of the most exciting and shocking methods by which my team and I routinely let ourselves in on physical jobs.

Many organizations are accustomed to being scared at the results of their network scans and digital penetration tests, but seldom do these tests yield outright "surprise" across an entire enterprise. Some servers are unpatched, some software is vulnerable, and networks are often not properly segmented. No huge shocks there. As head of a Physical Penetration team, however, my deliverable day tends to be quite different. With faces agog, executives routinely watch me describe (or show video) of their doors and cabinets popping open in seconds.

Presenter: Deviant Ollam - https://enterthecore.net/
Event: Wild West Hackin' Fest 2017

Special thanks to Wild West Hackin' Fest for letting us share their talks.

8 months, 2 weeks ago