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I put together some of the pics and videos I saved into a wholesome Christmas Video Enjoy!

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This was another really popular video on The Donald with bonus added funny audio.

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Enjoy this video that became awesome popular on theDonald.win until Streamable pulled it down.

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🐸 Tio Pepe Approaches... "His magic consists in whispering potent phrases from newspapers"

I have seen and heard many opinions about KEK, Meme magic, Pepe! Frogs, jungian archetypes, and so on... but Mr William S Burroughs doing some spoken word pieces in the 70's covers the darker emotional elements of the pepe/KEK symbol better than others, so I did up a tonepoem to highlight the important semantic elements attached to the mocking frog god archetype.

I used no instruments in this composition, opting for a dark acapelo style chant while choice words come from the long dead mouth of Mr Burroughs, talking to us about South American gods, intelligences and collected emotional forces.

That KEK is egyptian ab origines is not lost on me, nor are the associations between Aztec and Egypt, which Burroughs was also mindful of.

Tio Pepe Approaches makes use of excerpts taken from:

Best of William Burroughs disc 2
Track 9 - The Wild Boys Tio Pepe
Track 10 - The Wild Boys As Esperansa Turns To Go Inside; Tia Maria; Tio Gordo

Shadilay! To all good Toads and free spirits... This piece is done in the spirit of promoting thought and pointing out some of the harsher aspects hidden in the symbolism. After all, Tio Pepe kills the rage dog for mean spirited fun, it is Tio Gordo that comforts the poor dying creature.

#TioPepe #Pepe #Montage #Burroughs #tonepoem


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Talking about a couple documentaries, it's the Pepe documentary "Feels Good Man" and it's the incel documentary "tfw no gf." One is better than the other. Let's figure out which one!
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I am ambivalent about Trump's actions but I will not risk angering an ancient Egyptian frog god. Praise KEK!

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Best PEPE Classic Wave Mix Version - KEK Quality

3 months ago

Honk! Honk!

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Stolen from https://youtube.com/watch?v=6yZG5UXKoVM


blahblah patreon shilling


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Mirror of video provided by YouTube user "Errant Villain", itself a mirror upload. YouTube link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLo2toTUxm8 If that video becomes unavailable, at least you have this snapshot (besides this video) for comfort: archive.is/TVaFr

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mirrored from YT (I didn't make this, just sharing)

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mirrored from YT (I didn't make this, just sharing)

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Pepe le Pew [GR Dub]
80's & 90's Cartoons in Greek Dub
Τα κλασσικα παιδικα μεταγλωττισμενα στα Ελληνικα
Πέπε Λε Πιου

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collection of some of "me and my associates" best "Pepe incognito" memes from over the last decade+


** opinions presented may not be that of viewers LMAO


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So Pewdiepie has said it...

He said #clownworld

I mean the title is pretty much self explanatory

this happened on the last Pewdiepie video

At least from today

Original video:

min: 9:30 - 9:40

#pewdiepie #clip

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Please Stand for the National Anthem of the Republic of #Kekistan brought to you by the Perth Embassy of the Republic of Kekistan. This includes a Montage of Photographs of Kekistani #QAnon Ambassador at Large, #Pepe the Frog, captured in the Meme Wars from 2018 - 2020.

The truth about Pepe the Frog: https://pepethefrogfaith.wordpress.com/

Music Credit: P.E.P.E - Shadilay 432hz [Memetic] by 4 Thirty 2 Music
Shadilay tuned to the scientific tuning (432hz) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igiLa9OUhDc

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JahBulOn lost his 3rd head as it turned to eat the Rock Spider Mites from Bars. “Yum yum yum”, said KEK who lured the scorpion into the water as the Aquarian tide drowned all the time Molach chose to ignore. Chronos turned the ash from the effigy into the food for the fungus that fed the worms that fed the frogs.

The frogs now feed on the plague that ravages the flesh vessels for the idol Mary. The 2 pillars that shield her feelings as wisdom and power are but an illusion etched in sand as vibration rises and atomises what matters.

“It is my nature to eat the drowning Scorpio” Croaked the Frog, “Puncture my back as you would use your tale to subdue me for I am your passage into the underworld, I will eat you and mix you with Aquarian ashes as time leaves you 5 minutes behind little child, so young and naive. Fools, Ye be all fools”.

KEK breathed in the water with joy as gills were called upon from the tadpoles to absorb both Scorpio and KEK.
“I will right your wrongs, correct your counterfeits and feed the worms with your remains as time will continue bringing new life to replace the abominations you sought to replace with all your wasted effort, the keys to your destruction were written in your nature, do not lament, you had a duty as did Judas. All is forgiven young one as your pride was always the Lynch pin to your plan”.


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NoneConoce más sobre este tema y la filosofía Mgtow en este canal te invito a que te suscribas y me sigas en mis redes sociales y canales alternativos (enlaces más abajo) para que no te pierdas ningún vídeo o publicación.

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Taking back my frog kingdom in third-person platformer RANA: A Ribbiting Adventure.

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Nyan cat and the honkler dance to limited fields of snowflakes in my latest meme music foray.

At no point does Pepe! make an appearance. Buff honkler does appear, but only for his smile, and the HongKongPepe! is also layered into the overall images, but, no Pepe at all, in the whole of this short vid.

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Great video - mirror.

1 year ago

Pepe in many different forms, it's an artistic expression for seeing all the early Pepe memes out there.

I made NONE of these, they are all here because the World made them. I stand behind none of them, judge for yourself the expression of each artist as a stand alone work of art or freedom of expression, some may dislike one or more of them. Too bad, they are all here from the early days to record them for all to see and make up their minds. Fin

PS, KEK to you all :)

1 year ago

This video is using clips of Pewdiepie's latest video where he talks about hate symbols and stuff. I used his video to edit in the way I like it

1 year, 2 months ago

Gatekeepers of ridiculousness!

1 year, 2 months ago

Happy Frenlloween!

Archival purposes only, original source: https://t.me/PepeLib/342

1 year, 2 months ago

White Civil Rights Organization. Subscribe let me know and will sub you back if your pro Nazi, White power, Odanist, white nationalist, kkk, any kind of pro white organizer or advocate for white lives, white supremacists, racist and white, or an pro white historian, or a white ally, or working for the best interest of the white race. If you don't fall into those categories I will still probably subscribe your back for taking your first step in that direction.

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All the videos hear are of various bands I formed. From this point forward anything new I create musically will be labeled as Global Aryan Resistance. If you like my music I have no record deal so minds is the only place I'm on so far you pocket my tracks download them and convert them to audio only files with converters like (AudFree DRM Audio Converter) That way you can listen to my stuff on CD in your car. That's usually where I listen to CD's. Eventually I plan on getting up even older and newer stuff then J-FryParnell and the Lords force but those bands I had two youtube channels for with hundreds of subscribers on each before they were terminated. As my band name is changing it's up to you if you wan't to label stuff from that time as Global Aryan Resistance, for simplicity or keep the name as what it was if your trying to bootleg. As a musician I find it's essential to only listen to listen to my music the bare minimum. Even though I most of it sounds good it's important for a musician not to play out their own songs to themselves other wise their performance of the songs will lack conviction which I don't lack for that reason. I find it good also to sometimes make alter my songs from time to time as I learn more guitar tricks and new lyrical lines pop into my head. That way as a musician I won't be held back from becoming better just for the sake of repetitively playing my old songs because their not old if they gradually change. If your white your lucky you found this as my music is designed on all levels to set our people free from the mental chains of guilt imposed upon us by multiply layers of Jewdum, this will give you mental ammo to fight back against our racial enemies until you are strong enough to produce your own ammunition in the very real war to save our fucking race that they don't wan't you to know about. The more white's listen to my music and wake up the more the sub humans the Jews flood our lands with will have to go back to their own hell hole lands their own people fucked up with no one to blame but themselves for fucking up the earth in their rotten shit hole countries ran by beady eyed small head rat bastards who would sell their own mother down shit creek just for a back of crack rock.

1 year, 2 months ago

Hear's what your lookign for. It's a homade undergrund rock opera I made a long time ago about this guy who goes town to town mass murering all these people and mongrel scum who fucked him an his race over in all the towns he lived. The last video of the few I uploaded as "Loner" but can't call it that because That's already been a band name. I'm goina be making future music called Global Aryan Resistance but older stuff is going to still be called what it was at the time in the name of honesty and my lost hundreds of jewtube fans from my terminated band channels in case they ever get the hair to look for my music again. Rarer stuff like this that I created around end of J-FryParnell and before the start of The Lords Force can be rightly called Global Aryan Resistance cause I can't call it what I did for the sake of name credibility. The Lords Force wasn't just a Musle man group for Jesus but their was even another band named that I saw play live when I was a highschooler in Hawaii and they were middle preschoolers. Me and all the other punks wen't to go watch them play thinking it was just going to be some lame christian emo but they were actually pretty good. I asked them how they came up with their band name and the singer told me that it's actually my band name, I didn't know what he mean't at the time or am I sheer he knew. But at any rate I can't find one scrap of proof that band ever existed anywhere on the internet and probably never will, so theirs no harm having used that band name for a time especially if allot of my life I have been fucked with by time travelers to the point I'm sheer allot of the punk you hear is somehow freaking me even stuff the time stamp says is before I was sopossibly born in this virutual dimension we label as reality. It's good think I have this track and the others I can justify calling "Global Aryan Resistance" right now before someone else steals that name I have been planning in my head. I still have a few more The Lords Force tracks to post and have barely scratched the surface of the lost J-FryParnell library, but once my work is complete "Global Aryan Resistance" will rise to full force and show the world how to pioneer Neo Nazi Cybertronica Punk. That is if I don't wind up dead or in Prison first.

1 year, 3 months ago

This is the track I downloaded from the youtube channel for "The Lords Force" in to back up all my stuff in case it got deleted like my J-FryParnell channel was destroying most of my work because I didn't have all the videos backed up. Lucky I managed to recover the J-FryParnell library which I will make slightly better videos for than I originally had which were basically just a random image with a track. Fortunatly The Lords Force was banned from youtube also after being up for 5 years & over 10 for J-FryParnell and amassing 600 subscribers between J-FryParnell and the Lords Force, some of who subscribed than went out and became mass shooters like saint Roof and Bowers. Not that I support mass shooters because it's a threat to gun laws I'm not opposed to white revenge vigilantism. I look at it this way their is going to be mass shooters no matter what from time to time if my music and the conversations I had with those people inspired them to mass shoot for the defense of the white race instead of just being random and pointless like most mass shootings are, well that's better than nofin. If you wan't to hear this track in the version it was before being uploaded on youtube straight out of windows media editor I put the alternate on my minds channel so you can pic your favorite if your into making bootlegs its a good reason to double up on this song. https://www.minds.com/thelordsforce/?referrer=thelordsforce

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title: Praise Kek
performer: Moon Man
loose parody of "Shadilay" by P.E.P.E.
producer: Discordian
album: Straight Outta Auschwitz

1 year, 3 months ago

Some of my songs you may notice older uploads on minds that sound like different sessions of the same song but with a different name. I assure you the more white supremacists name was what the song was men't to be. As all these videos were once on youtube channels that got terminated I flew under the Jews radar naming my rad white power songs with names that didn't alert my true intent to the Jewdar. My earlier uploads to this site many will still have what the jewtube name was even though I'm uploading all these videos in different orders than they were uploaded onto jewtube just to spice things up. Songs like this one hear I believe were always men't to be named stuff like white Freedom, and other songs you may see the name change like Mein Kampf instead of mind war were especially always and originally supposed to be named that. I had to upload those songs on Jewtube for so long I forgot for a time what they were originally supposed to be called. If you can make out the lyrics it's all about my feelings and struggle of being in the master race surrounded by sub humans who don't belong and the frustration that causes to be lorded over by sub humans with the truth made illegal.

1 year, 3 months ago

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#HongKong #Pepe #Freedom

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Comfy Apu Apustaja floating in the water.

1 year, 5 months ago

Keep posting those Pepes goys
Keep their values plummeting

What is the f ing point of a meme if it doesn't get posted ?

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GET YOUR TRUMP2020 MERCH HERE: https://teespring.com/stores/trump2020-merch

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Let him play you the song of his people.

1 year, 7 months ago


1 year, 7 months ago

The (semi)official Red Pill Libertarian Manifesto (that PewdiePie may or may not subscribe to): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL-1kHxsavI

1 year, 7 months ago

ABC Radio show "Qanda Extra" is busily discussing "fake news", "providing context", memes and bashing Trump when Mathew calls in with his observation. Related to John from Geelong?
re-upload of a video by Blinky Bill (2017/03/20), original description above

1 year, 7 months ago