Documentary by Channel Nine.

These dirty Japanese gooks cannot control their insatiable appetite for beautiful, White, Western women, mainly from Australia. Some even hunt them down and eat them.

Every year, thousands of White girls head for Tokyo, where they're easy prey for rich Japanese men. Killers like cannibal Issei Sagawa or Joji Obara target mainly White foreigners.

7 months, 1 week ago

I'm an expert in female psychology. Go ahead, ask me anything....
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The Catholic Church is running a criminal organization in which priests molest boys and the Church covers up these crimes. Assets should be seized under the RICO Act - Will Pope Francis Turn In Sex-Abusing Priests

Church, Pope, perverts, priests, Catholic, organized crime,

10 months, 1 week ago

How the Synagogue of Satan PERVERTED a GENERATION

11 months ago

Adil Ray, a paki himself, is conveiniently selected to investigate the disturbing subject of on-street grooming of young, White girls for sex by gross and ugly Pakistani men in the UK. He speaks to members of his own perverse community, the police and victims of abuse. For Adil, it's a 'deeply personal journey' and it's doubtful that he feels any shock over what he uncovers regarding the repulsive nature of his people.

And appallingly, after all the rape and abuse, Emma still manages to betray her race and date one of these filthy, disgusting Paki cocksuckers.

1 year, 1 month ago

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"Tokyo Has A Huge Problem With Perverts On Public Transportation And The Police Want Women To Fight Back"

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Pervert Press Promotes The Sexualization Of Your Children.

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2 years, 3 months ago

May any women marching for misogynists be rerouted this Mother's Day.

The women at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Center are more than happy to march for con mas and misogynist Mas Sajady -- for free.

LHSC's local despot Gary Perisian has no conscience about profiting off Sajady's black magic.

Perisian himself has been seen counting the church collection alone, in violation of church policy.

Full information about the Sajady-Zhou Cult here:


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