A BGB reproduction of an original recording by Project Veritas.

In this video we hear from Melissa Strickler a Quality Auditor employed by Pfizer. She is currently on leave from her employer due to her conscience and has blown the whistle on the inclusion of CELLS FROM ABORTED FOETUSES being used by Pfizer in their laboratories for the production of the 'killer jab'.

Pfizer has tried in vain to keep the full list of ingredients a secret. The secrets are now leaking out.

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A groundbreaking discovery reveals an extraordinarily high percentage of toxic graphene oxide in the Pfizer jabs.
If someone would or could successfully prosecute this, humanity could be spared from a global extinction event.
This is from The Stew Peters Show @ www.StewPeters.tv


Video mirrored (then reprocessed) from the excellent RussBrown channel @


A critical analysis of the info contained in this video is as follows… from an acquaintance who does research inquiries for a living:

"I can't go for this one. I have already looked into Dr. Jane Ruby and she is not who she claims to be, i.e. the big scientific background. She is an alt-right Washington, D.C.-based pundit focused on new media with ties to the likes of Laura Loomer, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone. (And Stew Peters is in with the same usual suspects like Roger Stone.) In this video she lost credibility with me at about 2:15 she said someone in law enforcement is willing to swear to the chain of custody and then at 6:11 when she said the (Spanish) researchers 'want to be able to show a tighter chain of custody.'

I was just the other day mocking Linda Moulton Howe of Coast to Coast fame who talked about bigfoot and aliens and cattle mutilation and she always claimed to have sent samples of Sasquatch to the lab, but lost control of the chain of custody, or needed a tighter chain of custody, etc. Huge red flag for me. If the Spanish researchers aren't crystal clear on where their vials came from and cannot 'control' the transit from source to their lab, then they have no business publishing even a preliminary study.

She claims that the math of this Spanish study shows the contents of the vial to be 'virtually 99.99% graphene oxide.' I did a very cursory look at some of the published studies of the relative toxicity of graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO). (The Spanish researchers don't say which form they're looking at.) I don't have scientific training, but my little excursion would lead me to conclude that if the vials are indeed 99.99% GO, then anyone who got the Pfizer injection would drop dead almost immediately, since we know that the injection doesn't stay localized.

The first question I had was where are the Spanish researchers obtaining the vials? Others whose work I'm inclined to get behind like Mike Yeadon or maybe Roger Hodkinson have stated regularly that the exact formulation of any of these 'injections' cannot be known because the manufacturers will not publicly disclose the ingredients and the facilities to reverse-engineer the recipe cannot be done by just any old lab. We do have some information, e.g. Moderna and Pfizer are mRNA type, etc. The MSM claim repeatedly that these won't change DNA and none of the covid-19 'vaccines' contain hydrogel... We live in a vaccum of reliable information and swim in a sea of lies!

I have no doubt at all that what we're living through with this whole V-rollout is mass genocide. Each type of V has different properties so this rollout will have a staggered effect which will help to maintain the variant stories, keep the fingers pointed at the un-V'd, etc. But for me, this particular story is a 'wait and see' until it is researched and covered by folk I find more credible."

--- An anonymous researcher


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