The greatest lie told in politics is that we need to tax carbon emissions to save the world. The great Swindle is causing huge harm to what should be cheap energy supply and our everyday lives.

3 months ago

For all the Aussies casting your vote in the Federal Election on May 21st - Send a Message to Canberra ; "Make Your Vote Count" .


3 months ago

This is a reading of Senator Pauline Hanson's speech in the Australia Parliament on Domestic Violence and highlights the Failure of the Australian Government to deliver!

As we lead up to the LGBT Domestic Violence Awareness Day on 28 May 2022 We thank Senator Hanson for this very important Speech. We support anyone who steps up and works to educate about Domestic Violence. Sadly we are still waiting for the LGB, HIV and Trans Community Leadership Community in Western Australia to commit to supporting People suffering from Domestic Violence and we are still waiting for the Domestic Violence Prevention Education materials to be delivered.

This begs the question, in 2022, is asking the LGB, HIV & Trans Community Leadership Community to pretend to care about Domestic Violence, too much to ask for?

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4 months, 2 weeks ago