To Americans, pilsner is a weak and pale yellow style of beer made to be chugged and not enjoyed. That is quite sad and is the result of the mega breweries and their pale beers. In reality, the Pilsner style has good flavor and compliments food very well. Though it was created in Plzeň (Pilsen in German) of the Czech Republic. The style was first created in 1375 when the Bohemian king Charles IV endowed the Dobrow Monastery.

Channel Dad Bryon Lape reviews the Bitburger Premium Pils. Bitburger is located nearly as far away from Pilsen one can get and still be in Germany. The Pils style is very popular in Germany and some of the breweries make a crappy imitation. How does the Bitburger variety measure up? Yes, another pilsner review.

Want more information about the Bitburger Premium Pils beer? Visit the brewery website.

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Jeremy of Geeks + Gamers loves to rant, usually about Star Wars and Lucasfilm. Channel Dad Bryon Lape is a founding member of The Fandom Menace, so why doesn’t he rant more? He personally knows Jeff of World Class Bullshitters and has recorded videos with him. Bryon Lape also knows the other members of the World Class Bullshitters and brought the fans together to create the podcast called The Fan Caste. He is older than Uncle Ethan as well. So why not rant more?

Ranting is negative energy and all it brings is more negativity. Jeremy may grow the Geeks and Gamers channel with his style and that is good for him. Jeff takes a more middle of the road approach with the World Class Bullshitters, but it is his factual toy videos, in particular the Star Wars toys, that has made his channel grow quite well. Channel Dad Bryon Lape takes a more positive approach to his channel and covers items that interest him. This does include Star Wars, the MCU, and other Pop Culture items, but it is not limited to that realm. Bryon Lape is also interested in Fitness, Health, Photography, Computer Generated Images (check out his DAZ Studio attempts….and yes, he is learning Blender), and Beer (craft beer and making beer). That is why his channel is varied.

But why the name “Channel Dad”? Why does Bryon Lape use that so much that he renamed his channel to reflect it? That is a most excellent question. When he decided to create a Blue Ocean Strategy for his channel, Bryon Lape decided to connect people and ideas. Though he does interviews from time to time, it is not a main thrust of his channel. Finding people with different ideas and connecting them with others is what he does best. The connecting is a talent Bryon Lape has had for years. When Jeff Hicks of the World Class Bullshitters gave him the title of “Channel Dad,” it was due to him driving the group to various events and connecting them with others.

The Blue Ocean Strategy that Bryon Lape creates gives a more balanced approach to various pop culture events, even as Jeremy of Geeks + Gamers rants. Jeremy’s energy is balanced by Channel Dad’s moderated approach, giving members of the Fandom Menace a scale upon which to measure their own impressions. This is obvious from his Star Wars, DCEU, and MCU videos, but what about all the other stuff??

The Beer reviews are popular with World Class Bullshitters fans, in particular the ones in which Jeff Hicks appears. The two more watched reviews have Jeff and Kendo Slice joins in one of them. Want to see the various members of the World Class Bullshitters in more videos like this? If so, asking Jeff will not get it done as that is not the type of content he creates for his channel. Such content can only be recorded by Channel Dad Bryon Lape and released on his channel. It is only on the Bryon Lape channel that such desperate content can be created.

Very well, but what of Jeremy of Geeks and Gamers? Though he likes fitness, Channel Dad Bryon Lape is not really into watching sports, so perhaps the two of them can make Yoohoo! reviews. On the other hand, it may make since for Channel Dad and Geeks + Gamers to debate the further implications of the downfall of Pop Culture.

Dear viewer, it is all in your hands. Leave comments of other videos for them to make content with Channel Dad Bryon Lape of the Fandom Menace. Others may be the leaders. Others may be the Historians. Ethan Van Sciver is the Uncle Ethan of the Fandom Menace. Jeff Hicks of World Class Bullshitters is clearly the André the Giant of the Fandom Menace. Others have various positions with the incredible and diverse group that is the Fandom Menace. But through it all, there is only one Channel Dad Bryon Lape of the Fandom Menace.

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