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PVC pipes, also known as polyvinyl chloride pipes, are flexible, durable and long-lasting, and have the ability to withstand extreme movements and bending. Some of their additional properties include resistance to rust, fire and bacterial contamination.

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ArtAlienTV Exclusive - " What looks like a huge pipe structure protruding from a Moon crater next to a dome and giant arch shaped anomalies in photos taken during the Apollo 8 and 15 NASA missions as they flew above the lunar surface in 1968 and 1971.
Is it extracting helium 3 from below the surface? It looks like a mining operation.
All the Apollo manned (7 -17) mission pictures have now been uploaded on flickr for all to see.
They are high quality, roughly equivalent to 16 megapixel digital images and are at 300 pixels per inch. That's real good. Tuck in folks, there is much to be found "

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Very powerful space app. Links to over 5 million images.

See the Channel 5 TV documentary that I recently appeared in here:

First found by Joe White - ArtAlienTV on October 17th 2015 and first published on YouTube October 23rd 2015.

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Mars Discoveries And Solar System Anomalies (Facebook)

Mars Moon space Photo zoom club (Facebook)

Image Credit: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA image links:


"Feel free to ask for any information regarding the objects/phenomena shown here.
See you soon for another game of Interplanetary I spy".

The Apollo Moon Conspiracy

The reason why some people think that the Apollo 11 moon landings were faked is that many of the images were doctored.
Radio transmissions were also switched to keep the Moon UFO's that followed the Apollo missions to the surface and the intelligent structures that were found there a secret.
These UFO's go some way to explain some of the strange lighting effects that people point out in many of the Apollo pictures. You can clearly see them in some of these NASA photos.
Some of the astronauts have recently testified on film about these UFO's and structures.

The conspiracy that states that the Moon landings were faked was started by NASA according to Richard C Hoagland.
Memos were handed to the press in the early 1970's to start the ball rolling.
The perfect cover for the secret space program. Distracting any potential moon landing skeptics.
The spawning of this huge home made conspiracy was a total distraction.
Then for decades people were all arguing about whether they even went to he moon instead of keeping an eye on them. Clever.
So it was all a huge psy ops gig to confuse and disrupt any potential trouble makers.
Joe White - ArtAlienTV


2 years, 11 months ago