The Cosmic Aura & The Flat Earth

I was compelled to make this music-video not because I'm a 'Flat Earther' or a 'Round Earther,' but because I feel the overall topic at this stage is irrelevant to the current circumstances confronting us here today on this earth.

My previous music-videos (links below)

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These music-videos happen to feature several images of a globe planet. It is not my intention to make anyone believe the earth is any shape, but rather to illustrate this place we refer to as earth where we exist, via the use of audio & visual means to share a story of something much much more important than the shape of the ground.


I had no idea that some people would be so sensitive to an artistic illustration of the earth. The overall story behind these music-videos have absolutely no relevance to the earths' shape. So here's an analogy :

Would an illustration-image of a 2 dimensional stick figure man cause someone to believe that the illustration-image is representing factual evidence that people are actually 2D stick figures? NO OF COURSE NOT !

Because you can easily prove that men are 3 dimensional.
So, is it fair to say that those who appear to be triggered by an illustration-image of a globe earth that has no relation to an overall story line be because they just can't prove comprehensively that their belief is true. Cause if there was conclusive proof, there would be no real issue. Hence their rejection of the story narrative.

So, here's my presentation of a very controversial topic titled 'THE COSMIC AURA & THE FLAT EARTH"

Deliberately contradicting to the point of absurdity and purposely proving nothing.


This video was purposely done to trigger people Flat & Round earthers, (no disrespect intended to anyone)The deeper meaning is that God is within if you get my drift. Not sayin' you or I are god, but the spiritual connection to the Creator is within us all, and begins within us.

With this in mind, our relationship with God bares no relevance to the shape of the place we exist on, because we are created beings experiencing a temporary existence governed by (time & entropy) in a 3 dimensional simulation-matrix. (The Earth Program) I call it boot camp training under live fire conditions with every single one of us with our toes dangling over the edge of eternity. The Big Test to see weather we will of our own free will do good or do no good.

Jesus Christ is the simulation-matrix (The Earth Program) every pixel in this 3d micro & macro reality is governed by the supreme authority of Christ (the alpha & the omega) the beginning & the end. The ultimate judgement and knowledge of everything. He was born into the matrix as a man to defeat Satan to pave a way for those to get to the next dimensions. (heaven)

Satan (Lucifer) is time (commonly referred to as the 4th dimension) which is directly connected to the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy-death) everything is breaking down over time. God is using Satan-time-entropy-death to accomplish a work to see if each & every one of us are worthy enough to have eternal life in a multi dimensional existence.

(Time is not the 4th dimension), the absence of time is the 4th dimension. (eternity) The absence-defeat of Satan-entropy-death-time is the gate way to eternal life with God himself having authority over all the other dimensions. (how ever many there may be?) The shape of the earth is irrelevant because it is just part of a simulation of the many dimensions awaiting us if we choose to follow God.

The big test and issue is the evil that has been unleashed recently with the scamdemic. What is unfolding is the psychopaths enslaving the world have created their own matrix. A simulation within Gods' simulation, The great satanic deception.
This is their way of defeating God and achieving immortality (They have really created hell) or the bottomless pit referred to in revelation. The toxic shots will link us to their fake god (the antichrist) who will lead many people into the bottomless pit (the simulation within the simulation) the abomination of desolation.

We as humans have to be careful not to be distracted with issues like the shape of the ground, as they just divide us and prevent us from connecting to God and to the far greater reality awaiting us outside (The Earth Program) The ultimate point of this video is to illustrate the absurdity of the earth shape debate, and wake people up to the real issues. Arguing over the shape of the earth is like trying to catch the wind.


5 months ago