One additional piece of evidence I would like to add to what is said in this video is that there is no letter "P" in Arabic so the "Palestinian people themselves can't even pronounce it and instead say "Falestinians".
I know some smart ass is going to mention it so I will also point out there is no "J" in Hebrew though the Jews tend to know how to speak English so they do manage to pronounce "Jew", "Judea", "Jerusalem" and "Jericho" if they have to.
All words we came up for new pronunciation for.
We didn't have a "J" in our language until a few hundred years ago and the first edition of the King James Bible didn't have any Js in it.
Not even in "James" in the title.
Even "Jesus" didn't get spelt with a J in the first edition.
But I am getting off the point here.

The truth is surprising.
The Jews have been cheated out of quite a large country including what is now Jordan.
This is a long and twisted story.
I would love to make my own video condensing this legal case into something easier to digest and expanding upon what our elites did for the Arabs who sucked up to them.
The four powers had a perfect legal right to hold the territory in perpetuity.
They decided to give away the land to the indigenous peoples of those lands.
Various land borders were drawn up to give various religious and ethic groups a majority in their respective homelands.
Many have criticised these well intentioned lines drawn on maps but careful study of the divisions among the Arabs shows us that even more lines were needed.
When it comes the Jewish homeland we see a special case since the muslims were still a majority there at the time.
The Jews were expected to quickly become the majority if allowed to return to their homeland from the four corners of the world where in many cases they lived as second class citizens under muslim rule.

Legally binding promises made by the four powers were reneged upon and the constant slaughter of Jews in Palestine combined with the refusal of the British to allow other Jews to return meant the writing was on the wall for the Jews there.
The Jews anticipated being wiped out while the British government pretended to be surprised by the whole thing.
The British government reneged on its obligations and stopped the Jews returning to their homeland and tried to stop them having any weapons to defend themselves with when they were predictably attacked on Day one of their independence.
An uncle of mine was in the Palestine police at the time, (and though wounded by the Hagannah himself) even he later said he sympathised with them.
They had been set up by our elites for a second holocaust but somehow they survived the combined attack by every muslim neighbour on the first day of their independence.

You might ask yourself but what about the muslim Arabs who already lived there.
We should remember that the Jews have been forced to give up their homes all over the Middle East and North Africa.
The Arabs do have plenty of other places to live.
Also not all Arabs are muslim.
There are plenty of Christian Arabs for whom Israel is the only safe place to live in all the middle east.
The conduct of the muslims during the last century does not leave me wanting to do them any favours and ignore their theft of the state of Israel.
Presentation is by Hoshea Allen
The video is based on the case made by Howard Grief.
It looks like the last two episodes (6 or 7) never got made.
Howard died in 2013 but his impact continues.
I have tried to find Hoshea Allen online but failed so far.

1 year, 2 months ago

I study excerpts from the PLO Charter and review its history as part of an overall view of the intentions of the Palestinians.

1 year, 3 months ago


U.N. stunned and Palestinian delegates in shock as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker - Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef (aka The Green Prince), a former member of Hamas - to expose PLO lies...

Watch the heads turn!

Learn more: http://www.unwatch.org

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It's been said "if you can get a child when he is 7, you'll have him forever". When it comes to changing the next generation, one has to start when they are very young. Education is the key. It's where you instill the values that you want the next generation to live with. For example, after the fall of Nazi Germany it was imperative the next generation was wiped clean of the notions of Nazism in order for the country to develop into a healthy, peace loving democracy.

In this 88th episode of Pastor Joseph Cortes' "Last Days" series, he exposes the methods and motives surrounding the education of modern day Palestinian youth, and a compelling argument for Israel to never give up the Golan Heights area.

This video is part of an extensive series called "The Last Days". It can be found in the "Teaching Center" video section on the TeachingFaith.com website. Click here to go to it: https://www.teachingfaith.com/the-last-days

Keep in mind, this series is presented in the order they were recorded, the archives are in chronological order, which means it's best to start with the first and journey your way through up to modern day, as Pastor Cortes is still adding new segments.

This lecture and 1000's more are available in the Teaching Center video archives at: https://www.teachingfaith.com/video-sermons

There you will find hours of lectures relating to these subjects:

Change of Mind - The real meaning of Repentance

David - A man called after God's own heart

Discipleship - What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?

Eternal Rewards - What are, and how do we earn eternal rewards?

Faith Sermons - What is, and how do we practice our faith?

Fear Not - Sermons to lift you up in hard times

Fruit of the Spirit - What is the fruit produced in us, for us, and by us

Giving - What does the Bible really teach about giving and tithing?

Healing - Learn what the scriptures say about God's healing you.

I Am - Who is the great I AM?

James - Teachings from the brother of Jesus. He got a bad rap.

Other Messages - Misc nuggets and gems

Prosperity - Debunking the Prosperity doctrine.

Spiritual Warfare - Learn how to protect yourself and fight the Devil

Table Of The Lord - Learn the meaning and purpose of Communion

The Last Days - Bible eschatology like you've never heard before!

Was Joseph Imhotep - Fascinating study about Joseph in Egypt

Word Study - A look at the biblical word meanings

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The terrorist organization Hamas originally was a charity that got start-up money from Israel. How did this cozy relationship go awry to turn them into one of Israel’s biggest enemies? This episode teaches you the basics of:

-What is Hamas?
-What is the PLO?
-How did the Oslo Peace Accord work?
And the dirty secrets of how the tables turned.

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