Skylar is the vocalist, guitarist, songwriter for the incredible post hardcore band out of Rochester NY: TAKING MEDS. Their influences go from all of the great Post Hardcore bands out of Chapel Hill, NC such as Superchunk, Archers of Loaf, and Polvo. They also have influences including Jawbox, Shiner, and Failure. This was an excellent interview featuring excellent goosebump moments in the music.

1 year, 4 months ago

by T.G.(Divide by Zero aka 'A/0')
Track 5 on "Yin" disk. All rights reserved.

"I'll become,
What you want,
All because,
I was wrong."

2 years ago

Jesus, I'm looking to you for answers
demons, they are all around me
voices, you know they trouble me so
sometimes, it is just too much to bear
voodoo comin' out the mouths of fools
witchcraft, weapons of most desperate times
violence burstin' through these blood red streets
stormtroopers bowin' before their masters

its becoming hell on Earth
the devil he wants us to suffer
mankind is eternally punished
we are slaves from birth to death
and afterwards as well
if we get cast down to hell
so let's take to these blood red streets
the truth it will sing like morning bells
the truth it will ring like morning bells
the truth it will sing like morning bells etc.

one thing I never understood
if God is all things
and the devil is evil
is this evil in him too?

free speech shot dead just like JFK
patriots being treated like terrorists
black ops, psychopathic hired guns
instructions from soulless geeks in computer labs
say hi to your TV
your watchers, they worship money
say hi to your leftist neighbors
all non socialists get reported to command
communist communications
atheist indoctrinations
all that's good gets shot in the head
all that's good gets shot in the head

look out below, the sky is caving in, look out within
look out below, the sky is caving in, look out within

look out below, the sky is caving in
look out within, our moralities gone with the wind
spiraling down, caught in a whirlwind of base lusts
its an animal kingdom, higher states have turned to dust (repeat)

(piano solo)

(repeat 'Jesus...' first four lines)
(repeat 'its becoming hell on Earth...' last verse)

+++ written, performed and recorded by Chris Robertson (aka Xylen Roberts).

Phantom Fingers is a side project of mine that is focused on a lofi experimental mixture of various forms of folk music (psych folk/freak folk/neo folk/folktronica) and piano led indie rock. Unlike Xylen Roberts and Mythshifter, which are largely electronic/rock/hiphop in nature and have a much more hifi sound, Phantom Fingers songs are lofi and most songs center around a simple mix of acoustic guitars, a broken old piano, vocals, and real drums with occassional samples and keyboards used as flourishes. Some songs I post here will just be demos, others fully actualized. First album dropping in late 2019. Stay tuned :)

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