In the Tafseer of this Aayah, it is reported that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “The five daily prayers are (mentioned) in the Qur’aan.” He was asked, “Where?” He said, “Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): ‘So glorify Allaah when you come up to the evening’ is maghrib and ‘isha’; ‘and when you enter the morning’ is fajr; ‘in the afternoon’ is ‘asr; and ‘the time when the day begins to decline’ is zuhr.” Other mufassireen, such as al-Dahhaak and Sa’eed ibn Jubayr said the same thing.

Some of the mufassireen said that these verses mention only four of the prayers; ‘isha’ is not mentioned here, but it is mentioned in Soorat Hood, where Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “… and in some hours of the night…” [Hood 11:114]

Most of the mufassireen are of the first opinion. Al-Nahhaas (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “The scholars of Tafseer say that the aayah (interpretation of the meaning): ‘So glorify Allaah when you come up to the evening and when you enter the morning…’ [al-Room 30:17] refers to the prayers.”

Imaam al-Jassaas (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: “Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): ‘… The prayer is enjoined on the believers at fixed times [mawqootan].’ [al-Nisa’ 4:103]. It was reported that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood said: ‘[Mawqootan means that] Salaah has an appointed time just as Hajj does.’ It was reported that Ibn ‘Abbaas, Mujaahid and ‘Atiyyah said [that mawqootan means] ‘It is obligatory’… The word ‘mawqootan’ means that it is obligatory at certain times. The times are referred to in general terms in this aayah and are explained elsewhere in the Book, without defining precisely when those times start and end – that was explained in detail by the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). What Allaah mentioned about the times of the prayers in His Book is (interpretation of the meaning): “Perform al-Salaah from mid-day till the darkness of the night and recite the Qur’aan in the early dawn…” [al-Isra’ 17:78]. Mujaahid reported from Ibn ‘Abbaas: “’Mid-day’ means when the sun has passed its zenith for salaat al-zuhr, and ‘the darkness of the night’ means the beginning of the night, for salaat al-maghrib.” It was also reported from Ibn ‘Umar that mid-day meant the zenith… Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “And perform al-salaah at the two ends of the day and in some parts of the night” [Hood 11:114]. ‘Amr reported from al-Hasan that ‘the two ends of the day’ means fajr at the first end and zuhr and ‘asr at the other; ‘some parts of the night’ means maghrib and ‘isha’. So according to this opinion the aayah refers to all five prayers…. Layth reported from al-Hakam from Abu ‘Ayyaad that Ibn ‘Abbaas said: “This aayah mentions all five prayers together. ‘So glorify Allaah when you come up to the evening’ refers to maghrib and ‘isha’, ‘and when you enter the morning’ refers to fajr, ‘in the afternoon’ is ‘asr; and ‘the time when the day begins to decline’ is zuhr.” Something similar was also reported from al-Hasan.

Abu Razeen reported from Ibn ‘Abbaas: “ ‘…and glorify the praises of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before (its) setting’ [Qaaf 50:39 – interpretation of the meaning] refers to the prescribed prayers. ‘… and glorify the praises of your Lord before the rising of the sun, and before its setting, and during some of the hours of the night, and at the sides of the day, that you may become pleased with the reward which Allaah shall give you.’ [Ta-Ha 20:130 – interpretation of the meaning] This aayah also includes the times of the prayers. All of these aayaat mention the times of the prayers.”

Ahkaam al-Qur’aan by al-Jassaas, Baab Mawaaqeet al-Salaah.

What you should also know is that the Qur’aan does not contain details of all the rules. The Qur’aan mentions many rules, but it also tells us that the Sunnah is a source of evidence in which many rules are mentioned in detail that are not mentioned in the Qur’aan. Allaah says (interpretation of the meanings):

“… and We have also sent down to you (O Muhammad) the reminder and the advice (the Qur’aan), that you may explain clearly to men what is sent down to them and that they may give thought.” [al-Nahl 16:44]

“… and whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it…” [al-Hashr 59:7]

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I have been given the Qur'an and something like it with it…” (Reported by Imaam Ahmad, 16546; this is a saheeh hadeeth). Whether the rules were narrated in the Qur'an or in the Sunnah, all of it is true and right, and all of it have one source, which is the wahy or revelation from the Lord of the Worlds.

1 month, 1 week ago

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Have you ever wondered, "Does God listen to me when I pray?" Why does it feel like He never answers me when I speak to Him? and What are some of the reasons why I feel like God doesn't answer my prayers? In this video, SOCM attempts to clarify the answers to those questions. Perhaps one of the most difficult things for both new and mature believers to grasp intellectually is whether or not God is actually listening to them when they pray. It’s sometimes hard to wrap your mind around the fact that an all powerful God would even take the time to listen to anyone; let alone you specifically. Many people don’t have a problem understanding that Jesus died for them or even created them, but for some reason or another when it comes to God listening to them and their day to day struggles -- that seems to be the greater barrier in their mind. So, does God listen when you speak? Be sure to Watch the full video to understand these truths.

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"Don't worry about having the right words; worry more about having the right heart. It's not eloquence he seeks, just honesty."
~ Max Lucado

"When a Christian shuns fellowship with other Christians, the devil smiles.
When he stops studying the Bible, the devil laughs.
When he stops praying, the devils shout for joy."
~ Corrie Ten Boom

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Fellow Catholics;
Pray the 15 Prayers of Saint Bridget with me.

The following link is to PDF's, Audiobooks, Chapterized MP3's, Video Podcasts, for the Holy Rosary and the 15 Prayers of Saint Bridget. These are FREE to use, download, distribute, listen to, and especially use as a daily devotion. I offer this freely for everyone to help in daily devotion to our Lord.


God Bless you all.

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The Sword of Yah is committed to creating content that will assist you with eliminating strongholds and cutting ties to demonic influences through the use of prayer, words of wisdom and uplifting christian motivation.

The Sword of Yah is inspired by Ephesians 6-17-18 -- Paul proposes that we put on the Armor of God. The sixth piece of armor represents the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God.

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These are 40 powerful spiritual warfare prayer points.

(See comment section to the written prayer points.)

Samuel Love is bringing humanity great wisdom from the Kingdom of God and the finest Spiritual Warfare teachings to set people free from spiritual bondage. He launched Shine Brighter TV to be the world's most loved channel.

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Prayers by a Roman Catholic Fascist (First Edition, Christmas 2020) presents the first English edition of prayers and apologetics selected from Adrien Arcand’s 1936 French booklet, Mon Livre d’Heures (My Book of Hours). The prayer book will be released some time in November for Christmas 2020. Be sure to subscribe at the web site in order to be notified when the download is available.

The prayer book is a free edition in three formats: flash flipbook, pdf and epub.


Thank you for visiting.

Opening quotation:

"… fascism means the doctrine that seeks the restoration of the social order through spiritual values and the national ideal.”

— Lambert Closse (Joseph-Henri Guay), La réponse de la Race: (le catéchisme national des Canadiens-français), Montréal: Imprimerie Thérien, 1936, 546 pp., at 495

Featured Excerpt by Arcand:

“Use me, as you wish, as you will;
blow upon me as the autumn wind
blows upon the leaf detached
from the tree; like the leaf, I will go
where your Spirit blows me,
sweep me away”

— from the Adoration of the ETERNAL SPIRIT, Third Person of the Divine Trinity in MON LIVRE D’HEURES (My Book of Hours) (1936) by Adrien Arcand

Further excerpt, same prayer:

Come to me, bend over me,
fall on me like a fiery Light.
I will offer you neither protest
nor resistance, for I want You
with such a vehement desire!
Like the leaf in the wind,
I will endure your divine Breath,
with love, with joy,
while blessing and adoring you;

- 30 -

7 months, 3 weeks ago

This is a powerful #spiritualwarfare prayer for The President and our First Lady.

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Are you in the habit of asking for prayer requests or attending prayer meetings? This video looks at the general subject of requests for prayer and requests for healing in view of Jesus' instructions on how to pray. Is it time to change your approach to prayer?

11 months ago

Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 413
Should we expect God to answer all our prayers? How does the bible describe the answering of prayer? Why does God leave some of our prayers unanswered?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

1 year, 4 months ago

Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 180
What was the miracle of the sun? Can Jesus lead all souls to Heaven? What does it mean to believe, adore, hope and love God?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

Originally posted Apr 17, 2015.

1 year, 4 months ago

Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 172
Are all prayers directed to God? What kinds of purposes to prayers have? Do all prayers need to be spoken aloud?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

Originally posted Feb 20, 2015.

1 year, 4 months ago

I don't remember seeing that many cardinals at the same time and I don't believe in coincidence.
Please remember our state in prayer, diligent prayer, please.
God can do all things; His will be done.

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1 year, 5 months ago

- in seeking of the transcendent security...

1 year, 7 months ago

We must pray for our leaders, no matter how we feel about them. Prayer is powerful and important because it changes things.

Heavenly Father, Most Gracious and Loving God, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray for the President and every elected and appointed official that serves in our government.

Father, please keep in the forefront of the minds of our government leaders, all the people that they represent, and the importance of making decisions that are righteous and are in alignment with the beliefs and values that we hold.

Father, We, the People of the United States of America, believe that You created all men equally and endowed us with certain rights that include:

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, as stated in the Declaration of Independence for this nation. You are the God that we serve and trust.

Please guide our government leaders to uphold our Constitution that was drafted to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare of all of its citizens.

Please continuously remind our government leaders that we are one nation, under God, made up of different colors and cultures that shall not be divided, so that we will continue to stand strong as one unit.

Father, please remove from the fabric of our nation, all hidden wickedness that threaten to weaken the threads of our unity. Replace the evil ones with those who are obedient to Your Word, and those that promote peace amongst all people and all nations.

Father, please let us rejoice in agreement with Your Word in Proverbs 29:2, because You cause the authority figures of this nation to be righteous people of God that operate according to Your laws.

Father, put a spiritual fence around all of our leaders to protect them from the spiritual wickedness that come to kill, steal and destroy. (John 10:10)

Guard their minds from the evil counsel that tries to influence them to act and speak in a manner that is hurtful and destructive. (Psalm 64:2)

Teach them and lead them in the way that they should go. (Psalm 32:8)

Let your word be a lamp for their feet and the light on their path. (Psalm 119:105)

Please Father, never leave or forsake our nation, because You are the glue that holds us together. You are the Great I AM, and we praise your holy name.

We, the people of this great nation, pray in agreement. Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering our prayer.


(Retrieved from https://youtu.be/CLHoQHNOXM0)

2 years, 4 months ago

A Prayer of Repentance for America... By Mark Taylor - Please join me

September 7, 2017

If you would please join me and take your positions in a place of humility and a contrite heart, laying face down, or in a kneeling position before the Lord. If you are not physically able to do this God will honor you right where you are with whatever you are able to do even if you are laying in a bed right now.

Prayer of Repentance

Father in the name of Jesus we come before Your throne as Your Army, with humble and contrite hearts in repentance. Father as we step onto the battlefield of righteousness, we walk in a spirit of unity, with one heart, one mind, and one accord, to disarm and take away any legal right, the enemy may have over Your people, and Your country, called the United States of America. Father we decree and declare, we will take back what belongs to You, through this act of target focused repentance that we are engaged in.

Father in the name of Jesus we repent for not having a humble heart, walking in pride, having haughty spirits, and attitudes, thinking because we are in leadership we don't have to repent. Father we repent for not walking in a spirit of repentance daily and for not discipling others to do the same, knowing that an effective warfare starts with target focused repentance. Father in the name of Jesus we repent for engaging in friendly fire, attacking others in the Body of Christ, shooting our own wounded because we may not agree with a person.

We repent for our arrogance, murdering others with our words when Your word says 'thou shall not murder'. Father in the name of Jesus we repent for having a religious, legalistic, and critical spirit, creating chaos, aiding the kingdom of darkness, and committing spiritual treason by dividing the brethren. Father in the name of Jesus we repent for not operating in a spirit of unity, love, mercy, and grace, for allowing our love to grow cold, and not showing the same love, mercy, and grace, that You have shown us. Father we ask that You would heal the division among Your people, give us the strength, the maturity, and the discernment to push away everything that is separating us from You, from one another, and from operating as the one true army you have chosen us to be.

Father in the name of Jesus we repent for having an intellectual knowledge of You, but truly not knowing Your ways. Father forgive us for the spiritual arrogance this has created, operating out of our intellect, versus out of Your Spirit, for honoring You with our lips but our hearts are far from You. Father we repent for aiding the kingdom of darkness and committing spiritual treason by having an escapism mentality, taking ourselves out of the fight and for influencing and leading others astray down this same path.

Father in the name of Jesus we repent for having a spirit of cowardice, always taking a defensive posture and not going on the offensive when You gave us all the power over the enemy. Father we decree and declare this day, that as Your Army, we will go on the offensive from this day forward, no longer in retreat, but taking the fight to the enemy. Father we repent for taking ground for Your kingdom but not leaving anything in place to hold that ground, allowing the enemy to come back in 7 fold worse, only having to fight harder to reclaim the ground that we freely gave away.

Father we decree and declare this day as Your Army, that we will take ground for the Kingdom of God and we will hold that ground at all costs. Father we repent for not discipling people, and the next generation, to hold that ground we have taken, and to continue the fight. Father we ask in the name of Jesus that You would give us a spirit of courage and boldness with the intensity that has never been seen in the history of mankind, to take back this.country and this earth for Your kingdom. Lord Jesus, You said we would not only do the things that You did, but even greater things we shall do. Father we decree and declare, that the time is now for this to take place, we ask for greater power, and authority, to do the things You have called us to do in these end times.

(Retrieved from https://youtu.be/tjmwDDPfaK0)

2 years, 4 months ago

Jesus says... You must pray or your President is a dead Man - Are you with Me, My People?

December 19, 2018 - Words from Jesus to Sister Clare

Jesus began... "What you are hearing, what you are seeing, all that you and Ezekiel and others are feeling is but an atom of the disgust with the state of this world. How I love the world! But how disgusted I am with the headway Satan is making, while My people are out shopping for presents and making merry, with no thought at all of what I want them to be doing. And now there is something terrible coming upon them for their disobedience.

"Children, the enemy has waited for this time when you would not be on the city wall guarding those within. You are very close, so very close to losing everything.

"I have asked. I have begged. I have pleaded that you continue to pray for your President with great intention, responsibility for his welfare. But when I look upon My Christian people and what they are doing, I see they are not on their knees. Their houses are bright with lights and decorations, but that brightness in the Spiritual world is not Light—but a dense darkness. It twinkles and shines on the outside, but within it is dark - the substance of which is death, materialism, and Godlessness.

"The enemy knew you would be distracted, so he waited to move forward into his most devastating plans. You do not attack when they are guarding the walls. You attack when they are decorating the walls, making merry, getting drunk on the things of this world. Now he will call his forces forward in the most devastating attack on America that will ever go down in history.

"THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN! What I am asking of you in this moment is to repent! Stop the shopping and spending and get down on your knees! Fast and pray and come against this tide of darkness before it is too late. Yes, it IS almost too late. But if you heed this message and spread it, put your hearts into prayer, it will be stopped.

"This is your last chance. If you do not act on this now, there is nothing more to do than wait for disaster to strike. But it is true. If you have not prayed, I will hold the disobedient accountable for this. Because it was not My time, and I wanted you to hold back this tide of evil that is even now rumbling beneath your feet."

(Clare) And you know, it was strange when He said that. I heard marching, like thousands of BIG soldiers marching. Burly, hairy soldiers - not the kind of soldiers that we have in the military. Like giants. Like 10-foot giants. And the ground beneath me was thundering from the sound of this monstrous crowd in the bowels of the Earth.

(Jesus) "Yes, the minions of Hell, the soldiers of darkness hidden deep in the Earth are panting to be released on the nations. They are lusting for your blood and working up a storm of fury.”

“Clare, dearest, all of these things are but whispers compared to what is real and soon to come."

"My Beloved, you have no idea the pains I am suffering because people are ignoring Me in My very real Passion, all over again. For what is yet to come... It's devastating. I suffer very real pains with very few to comfort Me, My Bride."

"I long for all of you to recognize the agony I am going through in this very moment, because of the peril so many souls are in. Please comfort Me. I love it when you wipe My brow with your gentle caresses. I love it when you touch My cheek and tell Me how sorry you are for your sins and the sins of the World. I long for this attention more than any of you know."

(Video and text retrieved from https://youtu.be/1x_ViuqLyZI)

2 years, 4 months ago