A couple of examples of rubbish products made in China which made me headache and which even haven't been cheap but very bad quality. I am telling the names of the products and the weak points in order to help you to avoid to buy. It is just not worth it. It made me depressive. Rather you save money and buy something expensive and maybe produced somewhere else then in China and you should have more joy with this product. Enjoy the video. Please subscribe if you like the content. Hit the notification button for being the first one and like the video in case it corresponds with your taste.

Here the products which I do describe in the video and which you shouldn't buy because they will eventually break and you will be annoyed because of that:

Hohem iPhone Gimbal Stabiliser iSteady Mobile Plus
YAMAY Bluetooth Headset M98
Loffitle Bluetooth Headphones Built-in Microphone Waterproof Earbuds
Charmast 10000mAh Power Bank with Built-in Type C and Micro USB Cable
Mini Tripod, Mpow Flexible Phone Tripod Camera Travel Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Control for Filming for Gopro and Small Camera, iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8P/7/7P/6s/6P, Galaxy Note 10/S9, Black
Samsung headphones white
F18 Tsing portable keyboard (but I have to admit if you treat this product well it should last)

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Strike & Hook's first product review and what a great product it is. Hand made by local fisho Ollie Parke.

Doobie has a first look at The Jetty Clip Fishing Rod Stabiliser showing how easy and quick it is to setup. It is a fantastic investment of you want to protect your rod, minimise those annoying tangles and spend less time catching your rod and fixing your line... more time catching fish!

Buy the Jetty Clip from Strike & Hook ► https://www.strikehook.com/index.php?/store/product/86-jetty-clip-fishing-rod-stabiliser/ or at your local tackle store.

Check out more info about the Jetty Clip ► https://jettyclip.com.au/

Great job Doobie!!!

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