Based Chad Polski tells the fags and niggers to get out of his country and leave the anal sex and niggers / illegal immigration / race mixing in the states where it came from. isnt it sad that's the truth we live now?

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Larry Sinclair Accuses Barack Obama Of Sodomy And Cocaine Addiction, Press Conference In Washington DC 2008

Sinclair was killed by a hit-and-run driver in 2011, Police say the other driver got away and there was no sign of the other driver or his car.

In a 2009 shocker, Sinclair revealed in his book stunning revelations about Barack Hussein Obama, including that he had had a gay lover in Illinois. Shortly after addressing the national press club in Washington, DC in 2008, Sinclair revealed that senior advisor David Axelrod spearheaded a vindictive smear campaign against him, while vice president Joe Biden and his son beau arranged for his arrest after the NPC speech.

The most shocking claim was the accusation by Sinclair that Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright were involved in the murder of Obama's former lover, Choirmaster Donald Young.

🔗 Meet Larry Sinclair: The Man With Whom Barack Obama Enjoyed Sex & Cocaine: https://investortimes.Com/freedomoutpost/meet-larry-sinclair-the-man-with-whom-barack-obama-enjoyed-sex-cocaine/

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The FBI raids President Trump Mara Lago Home on 8-8-2022

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HeydonMusicPage "Latest News & Videos, Have A Great Weekend" 5.14.22

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Interview of Major General Paul E. Vallely on Americanuck radio 10-14-19

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Just when the serpent seed thought they had the world ready to implement their New World Order, TRUMP HAPPENS

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MC DirtyWork @ Soundcloud
Redpill was (still is at his YT back up Channel and has a bitchute channel) a YouTuber until the final Purge after Jan 6th 2021. I met him downtown at the WTC in 2018 where we were both speaking that year. We both had YouTube channels at the time but had never crossed paths online. I certainly don't subscribe to any of the "Q" stuff, but you want to talk about Olympic class ranting? I knew 1-day his channel would be pulled and I would be kicking myself if I didn't download at least one good, long, Red Pill Ken episode with a good long rant. I did so, YouTube did so, and now it's here for you on BitChute.

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From my investigation... Trump is the only one who clearly had his hand physically touching a Bible just saying...

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A song and vid by my band hope you like

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Hyberborea, Atlantis, Thule and Ancient Antediluvian Bloodlines - ROBERT SEPEHR

I need some help sharing this breadcrumb plz, check it out, its legit. i'm being censored BIG TIME. Need to pass the info! Pass The BREADCRUMBS DOWN THE CHAIN! #QAnon #QARMY
Please Watch In Order For Full Status Update, Thank Que Patriots!

1. The Reptilian Truth & Satanic Rulers:

2 . The Abduction of Noble Dragon Children
3. Ben Carson Discloses Hillary Clintons Ties to Saul Alinsky, Lucifer & The Illuminati:
4. Enter The Pizza Gate - Verified Proof:

5.Dragon Children Genocide & SRA

6. We Learn The Plan Of The Illuminati & Cabal:
7. The Lie NASA Told - The Imminent Demise of the NWO, Cabal, Illuminati:

8. Did You Know Antifa Is Funded By George Soros?
Do You Know What The Socialist Party Really Is?
Brief Overview: Nazi stems from "National Socialism". Nazi = NAtionalosoZIalistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Workers Party. This Includes The Thule Society & Illuminati that are involved with the american insurgency of today! To Learn More From Myron Fagan on American Insurgency: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QbOHC92EvAMS/

9. Evidence of a PARALLEL UNIVERSE:
10. Forces Occultes-The mysteries of Freemasonry:
11. Earth: A Story of Monolithic Trees & Suppressed History:

12. Earth: A Story of Monolithic Trees & Suppressed History:

13. Thunder Energies Discovers Invisible Entities
DISCLAIMER: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal."

For Educational Purposes only!!
I am not putting this out as to make any money off this information. I am putting this out to educate others of the atrocities of the past, because we live in a time where history is not being taught in schools, and schools are filling the heads of hundreds of thousands of young children, and young adults with revisionist history, instead of real history. If this continues we are set to have history repeat its self and all of the death that follows. Thank you for your time.
This is a wake up call!!!
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Thank you!! We will see you soon.

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Um Q zu begreifen, müssen wir nach innen sehen! Q ist nicht aus dieser unserer 3. Dimension.

Qlobal Change ist aus der Q Bewegung entstanden und ist nun die Anlaufstelle für alle Q Interessierte und Fans. Q ist so viel mehr, als wir alle uns vorstellen können, Q ist der Anfang von etwas ganz Großem, und Qlobal Change ist im deutschsprachigem Raum ganz vorn mit dabei, die Veränderungen auf der Welt zu beschleunigen.

Wollt Ihr die Wahrheit hören? Wollt Ihr den Sinn verstehen? Wollt Ihr den Plan erfahren? Was wäre, wenn alles, was Ihr bisher als Wahrheit empfunden habt, eine Lüge ist und einem bestimmten Plan folgt? Wo führt dieser Plan hin? Wer hat einen Nutzen davon? Was hat Q damit zu tun? Was haben ich und du damit zu tun?

Wir möchten nun Qlobal Change erweitern, da wir erkannt haben, dass Q nur ein Wegweiser des Guten auf Erden ist, um das Göttliche in uns zu erfahren und zu begreifen, um uns der Lügen der vergangenen Jahrhunderte bewusst zu werden und sie aufzudecken, um so die Möglichkeit zu bekommen, die wahre Menschlichkeit auf Erden erleben zu können.

Denn weil wir Menschen sind, ist Liebe unsere Religion, Wahrheit unser Leben und Freiheit unser Recht!

Wir sollten nicht länger in einer dualen Wirklichkeit auf Erden leben, sondern wieder in einer trinitären Realität, denn auch wir Menschen bestehen aus einer Dreieinigkeit, nämlich Körper, Geist und Seele. Und so möchten wir nun auch Qlobal Change in einer Dreieinigkeit aufbauen, nämlich Qlobal Change = Körper, Qlobal Green = das Irdische und der Geist und Qlobal Spirit = die unteilbare und unsterbliche Seele, die stets in anderer Gestalt reinkarniert. Mit diesen drei Formaten möchten wir nun die Vision des Guten vorantreiben und die Möglichkeit geben, zu erwachen, auch für die Wahrheit unserer Erde mit ihrer Natur und freien Energie und der Klimalüge entgegenwirken. Mit Qlobal Spirit bieten wir die Möglichkeit, spirituell zu erwachen, um das Göttliche in dir und des Menschen wahre Natur zu erkennen. Denn wir haben Beine zum Laufen, Hände zum Greifen eine Lunge zum Atmen und eine Zirbeldrüse (drittes Auge) zum BewusstSEIN!!!

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