Calling out the American Medical Association for the quacks they actually are.
“Many of the black nobility still have homeopathic physicians and the most famous one is the queen of England, who herself is treated regularly by homeopathic physicians” - Eustace Mullins speaking at the Global Sciences Congress, January 1990, Tampa Florida.

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I joined these two videos, the switch is at 17:39, you can find them on the Mayo clinic youtube channel. For those of you who have never heard of a hyperbaric chamber, please look into it. Basically it is a chamber large enough to fit a person or persons in which then compressed oxygen is fed into the chamber for the occupants to breath. This type of treatment has been used by athletes for years as a means to quickly heal the body.

So then why would humanity think that reducing their oxygen intake would keep them healthy and from contracting some ridiculous virus? Because humans are gullible and easily controlled by fear, that's why.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are debating with a masked moron, stick with fact and logic. The human body is made mostly of what? Water. This is a fact that cannot be disputed. What is water? H20. What is H20? Hydrogen 2 & Oxygen. This means that reducing the body's access to oxygen = reduced performance.

It's the same thing with the gasoline combustion engine. The human body and the combustion engine are both vacuums that breath and exhale, albeit the human body is far more complex and heals itself providing that it is being given what it needs; water, OXYGEN, nutrition, sunlight.

Ask any car or motorcycle, or boat, or engine enthusiast what the first modification is that they do to their car or truck or motorcycle, boat, etc to make it perform better. It is usually a freer flowing air intake filter and exhaust system so that the engine can BREATH better, so that it has access to more oxygen, and so that it can exhale better.

Try this experiment on your vehicle. Wrap the air intake filter with a towel, or stuff a towel inside the air filter box, and then put some ceramic high temp exhaust wrap over your exhaust pipe outlet, and then start the engine and see how long it idles for before it shuts off because it cannot breath and exhale.

Same thing with the human body. The people who are wearing a mask and reducing oxygen to their brain, I would bet that they are setting themselves up to be early stroke victims. Hooray, more dependents for the parasitic allopathic medical industry.

The first doctor talks about diabetes but what they don't mention is that proper nutrition plays a big part in keeping the body healthy. A person who is eating mcdonalds and pork and drinking milk and alcohol, all of which are acid, are not going to benefit that much from hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment because of their lack of nutrition, they are negating the oxygen treatment benefits. Again, we can look to the combustion engine as an example. You cannot put diesel fuel into your gasoline car and expect it to operate properly. The human body is a gasoline engine for example, yet humans are feeding themselves diesel fuel.

Cross reference the herbalist Dr. Sebi.

The psychological aspect of masks; used for dehumanizing, erasing the human expression - psychological conditioning, this is especially dangerous for children who are growing and relying on facial expression to learn, happiness, sadness, surprised, etc (basically turning humanity autonomous for corporations/the NWO parasitic force):


The truth of corona "virus". Toxicity from 5G EMF:


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Western allopathic medical system of quackery and fraud, REST IN PIECES. Wearing a mask to stop a virus doesn't work. How many "educated" "doctors" do you know who CURE cancer and other dis-eases? How many "educated" "doctors" know about Royal Rife? Ask a "doctor" next time you happen upon one and see what he/she says. I would bet that eight out of ten "doctors" have never heard of Royal Rife.


Information on the cancer chemo "therapy" racket:


Cancer Incorporated:


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