1 day, 17 hours ago

The new world is buildid upon lies
Alien laws have put in master race
The white Men must break the chains
The new World is ruled by "God´s chosen race"
What our movement needs is :


Iron Will and Discipline
Strong and Proud bonds of Arian Blood
Iron Will and Discipline
From ages here and for the ages that will come
Iron Will and Discipline
We carry inside our ancestors might

The Juda laws try to make us slaves
They hate the strong and praise the weak
We must crush and leave back this degenereted filth
We, the Elite of our kind, with hate on our minds
We will destroy the Enemy lines!!!!!!


In the last times of modern age
The banners will rise again
And take back the soil for Aryan Race
The arms will shine at night, with Iron Will
And Discipline win our racial fight.

2 days, 23 hours ago

Under the arc of a weather stain boards,
Ancient goblins, and warlords,
come out of the ground, not making the sound,
the smell of death is all around,
and the night when the cold wind blows,
no on cares, nobody knows.

I don´t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
I don´t want to live my life again
I don´t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
I don´t want to live my life again

Follow Victor to a sacret place,
The ain´t a dream, I can´t escape,
Molars and fangs, the clicing of bones,
Spirits moaning among the tumbstones,
and the night, when the moon is bright,
Someone cries, something ain´t right.

I don´t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
I don´t want to live my life again
I don´t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary
I don´t want to live my life again

The moon is full, the air is still,
all of a sudden, I feel a chill,
Victor is grimming, flesh rotting away,
Skeletons dance, I curse this day,
And the night when the wolves cry out,
Listen close and you can hear my shout,

I don´t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
I don´t want to live my life again
I don´t want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,
I don´t want to live my life again, oh no, oh no,
I don´t want to live my life again, oh no, oh oh,
I don´t want to live my life again, oh no no no
I don´t want to live my life again, oh oh.

3 days, 11 hours ago

Hills of dead bodies
Slain before satan
Lord of the horde
He hails from the south

Seas of red streams rapidly from the blood flow
All the recources deployed to contain it all
Mocking the mercy of god
Peverting his impoptance to the devil

Prophet de sade
Preatching war psalms to the earth

Come to my, children of god
Leading the path to moloch
Be engulfed by the flames
Sacrificed to His bottomless pit

Blood is wait makes the grass grow
Heavy artillery to increase the death toll
Black clouds rise to the sky
Below lies all those who´ve died.

5 days, 12 hours ago

Masochistic evil burns from within
Nihilistic desecration destroys
Continued prolonged abuse of the soul
for all those born on the earth
A foundation for savage brutality
Lagions now charge to rise his throne

The fangs of Lilith pierce her own
The wings of Phoenix hide the sky
Tears of blood fall from heaven
Conpuered angels begin to die

Misery and pain caused to those who reduke us
The mark of the devil carved into our flesh
A knife of inception staps all the holy dead
The prophecy of death massacres them slowly
Those wo embrase the devil´s Mark
Becomes a dagger into the heart God
A menacing smile open death head´s face
The blood of mundanes consecrated
Upon the altar where lamps were slaim
Sacrificial slougther in martyrdom
Monolithic demnation to those transformed
A bloodied sword of vehemence eradicates

Upheaval of Satanic might ensues
Jehova´s followers fall by the wayside
As the brink of death turns upon them
We remain at the hand of the sword
Blasphemous onslought
Saint of holy death
I ask that you to destroy us totally
Crush the hylics first preferably
Followed by killing the neophytes
Cast down warranted oblivion
Allow us to feel your unearthly wrath

Chaos ensues
May the toll of death rise
Desecration of holy kingdoms
Thrones of royalty burning
Henceforth this is where the Antichrist reigns
Leaders are being ripped to shreds
Humanity swallowed from head to toe
Civilization comes to a close
Sadobalistic battalions presume
Annihilation of Jehovah´s flock
Utter sadistic depraved desiris are relased

The awakened Dragon over the lambs of God


5 days, 12 hours ago

Flies gather to the dead
and carry the rot to Belphegore
My rifle empties as the bullets enter
The swollen carcass of cosmic supporters
The line has been drawn and the time is migh
The soldiere of hatred and misanthropy
Masonic blood spills on the wretched earth
As we eradicate all who those follow the architect

Death is our chant!

By the light of lucifer we are guided
Ama-Lilith, we are children of night
And we will kill, torture and fight
Azerate, we call the eleven forth
Open the gate as we welcome Death
Cosmic death, the Holocaust
Bring an end this physical existence

Perceptions change as doorways open
The deeper knowledge and understanding
The esoteric symbols etched in stone
The promise of the end if finite existence

Death is our chant!

Physical world we bash and shatter
Physical world we slay and rape
The kingdom of the demiurge crumbles
As the Azerate unite to annihilate

Every life that we take
Strengthens our current
Every light that we take
Awakens the Dragon

Every life that we take
Brings us closer to victory

Every life that we take
Brings us closer to our death
and rebirth ...

5 days, 13 hours ago

Germany - Schleswig Holstein 2019

6 days, 11 hours ago

1. -
2. -
3. -
4. Voilence Enforcer
5. Iron Gates
6. Might Makes Right
7. Deathwish Ultimatum
8. World Detanation

United States Ohio (2020)

1 week ago

Project of Hauptkampflinie

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1 week, 2 days ago

Hollywood is the ground
of the body, bound for war
frigid are the minds
As our vision intertwines

Seeking Resolution
Bloody retribution

Smile before they die
Hear our battle cry
Fire up your hearts
While the revolution starts

O´beautiful the sound of the enemy we found in rigor mortis.

1 week, 2 days ago

Lyrics by Richard Jackson

Propaganda and spies, governmeat lies
Burn them all and laugh at their cries
they started this war:we shall settle the score
Fill the graves with many more

we shall continue to fight strong
Bring on the chains,we know your law´s wrong

Upraise fists as we violently resist
The onger or our ancestars forever exists
We´ll recject the disgrace of your mud
Till the very last drop of our blood.

1 week, 2 days ago

Spreed your bias ideals to a blind people
Mindless fools are marching to the death drum
A darkened power spreading self hate lies
The old ways are banned , the new ones rise

Crusade of fiction

Dwindling numbers are a reality
A condemned cause , fountain of misinformation
Invalid wars to covers you political agenda
That flag waiving demon has passessed
Weakened people are now ready to follow
The powers thatbe are hiding in the shadows
Give aid to third world lands
All in peace for the master plan.

1 week, 2 days ago

Cold air mist settles across the moor
Snow peaked giants tower above
Grasping the blunt weapon
Summoned to battle once more

Teutonic War Axe, protecting our land
Teutonic War Axe, the people will stand

The battlefield is now set for blood
The ground ready to be drenched in red
Hordes of mongrels charge violenty
Foan filled mouths are now in sight
Clashing armor, being crushed and chopped
Fighting with honor, no second thoughts
Dignity held high, bodies will lie
Chopping a hole through the ethnic enemy.

1 week, 3 days ago

Just a bar fight that changed the lives of many
An altercation ensued, and outsider intruded
Tampering with something that was not his concern
Blows were thrown and the damage was done

Railroaded for his beliefs
Railroaded for who he was

A bias trial that missed the whole point
Conflicting statements, nothing was clear
Organized crime charge, distraction from the facts
Who was really on trial, a man or his views?

Incident was punishable but not for 19 years
Convicted of this just because a drunk fell wrong
Deep ties with the prosecution
Objectivity was thrown out the window
Celebrity status for this so called "victim"
A fool made into on unlikely hero
A man with a raw deal now rots in prison
Just another statistic in this twisted legal system.

1 week, 3 days ago

We´re blacklisted from playing in town
All they want to do is shut us down
Monitor us because they have no life
Everytime we play it turns into a fight


They last time we played someone got stabbed
Courage is the one thing they lacked
Talking shit is what they did well
In a brawl is where they will fail
Gang fights, pipes and chains
What the fuck is new?
A life of violence
Fist fights and beatings

Swarming like bees on the attack
They all run when I grab my bat
Bitch you don´t agree with my views
Now I am going to blow my fucking fuse.

1 week, 3 days ago

He´s a law abiding citizen that does no wrong
Working hard as a doctorate candidate
Educating himself at the university
All is well till his secret is spilled
Those rats dig and dig until a story is found
No regard for anyone´s family of future
The media pushes to tarnish his name
If not in public opinion you´re wrong
You´re name will be drug through the dirt
Free to think as you please, what a fucking lie
One day he´s called a good student
Next day on evil bigot
They want to ruin his future
Just because they hate his views
He´s in a band that´s politically wrong
The music is what they call hate
In this country you´re suppose to speak freely
The watch dog groups think otherwise.

1 week, 3 days ago

The tension is so thick it can be felt
We are on one side, communist vermin on the other
Exercising our freedom of speech, it´s all legal
Ignorant vigilantes , the new thought police
The crowd began to gather, the police disappeared
Insults began to fly, violence is brewing
They split on us, throw rocks & bottles
We hold our ground, waiting for them to make a move
cross that picket line and you will be stomped
Spineless trash too ignorant to understand
your own cause
One move and the street erups into violence
I have a red on the ground beating with no mercy
The police are no where to be found
So we fight with bats knives until the last man.

1 week, 3 days ago

A world wrapped tight by the tentacles of terror
The tightening grip squeezes tighter & tighter
A false image for the better of mankind
Just a disguise to cover a global take-over

New world order, Genocidal Hate
Global chaos, the eagle has fallen

The eyes are watching down monitoring us all
Behind the scenes manipulation
The country of the star has the power
The snap of a finger a country is crushed

New world order ....

A new form of hate is brewing abroad
Those wo do not submit will pay the price
Deceitfull liberation, just another way of control
Unmercyfull killings behind a political smile.

1 week, 3 days ago

One people, once cause
Rival groups at each other throats
Enemys with mutual goals
All sides are holding back this war machine
Struggling forward against the beast
Now the movment is struck by internal warface
I know not the details of this feud
Nor do I fucking care

Channel our hatred in the right direction

Hearsay is good for no one
Hard facts are what should be followed
A movement spilt in half
Unify to work for our kind.

1 week, 3 days ago

"Being prepared to die is one of the great secrets of living"
G.L. Rockwell

Bloomington spawned a man set to change the world
An educated man who could read between the lies
The communist influence was spreading leftist lies
Fed up with our country he than took an stand

Commander , national socialist crusader

"Taking the fight to the enemy on the streets"
He left the talking to the conservatives
Hitting the streets, he spat right in the enemy´s face
A no nonsense approach has influenced many to this day
August 25. 1967 was a day of sorrow
A man shot dead, martyred at gun point
He spok out against the filth around him
What the goverment fears the most ... the truth.

1 week, 3 days ago

Alarm clock screams
Wake up once more
With on obscured vision on life
Oblivious to the world around you

sleepwalking through life
Hypnotized state

Your son is on Drugs
Your 15 year old daughter is pregnant
Your wife is driven to the drink
Who will take responsibility?
Push the stress to the back of your mind
Too content with your material world
The check is in the bank
Your status remains, nothing more.

1 week, 3 days ago