Raised by Wolves on HBOMAX is just amazing sci-fi cinema. It follows androids Mother & Father, along with their trials as they try rebuild a human colony on planet Keplar 22B. This show has a fresh concept & has thriller and mystery built within. Come find out why you'll love it too!


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RAISED BY WOLVES Ending Explained | Episode 10 Breakdown | Predictions, Theories & Review. We explain, review, recap and break down the ending of the HBO Max Ridley Scott Sci-Fi Show, Raised By Wolves.

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Man how come Ridley Scott always has to do some weird pregnancy thing?

Ok so the finale of Raised By Wolves has just dropped on HBO Max and you probably have a tonne of questions. Throughout this video we’re gonna be trying our best to answer everything whilst also giving our theories on what exactly is going on.

Obviously there will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the finale then I highly recommend that you check out now. Please drop a thumbs up if you’ve been enjoying our coverage and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for coverage on all your favourite tv shows and movies.

With that out the way, this is the heavy spoilers show, I’m your host Paul now let’s get into the finale.

Episode 10 Breakdown

Ok so episode 10 picks up with Marcus waking up after being ousted from the Mithraic last week. Due to Lucius stuffing one of Mother’s eyes in his mouth, his skin has been badly burned by the microwaves and he very much stumbles around the planet in this episode looking for other signs of life.

At one point the character stumbles across a vision of Hunter who seemingly has a snake for an arm and snakes become almost central to this entry.

From the off the show was very much laced with biblical references and here they become far more prevalent. In the first episode we theorised how Mother and Father were a metaphor for Adam and Eve and we see that come full circle here with a snake leading them out of their quote unquote garden of Eden.

Both were pretty much the first man and woman of this new paradise and they wished to start a new civilisation but this snake destroyed that notion and thus they are cast out of their home.

Now though we never actually get it confirmed, I do believe that the snakes are really the ones that have been feeding the visions to both Mother and the humans.

Marcus comes across a giant snake skull head and he hears rattling upon touching it. It was also inside the body of a snake skeleton that he started to first receive visions and in the end the snakes are probably the only ones that come out winning.

Kepler 22b was pretty much chosen to house humanity because of it’s similarity to Earth and it could be possible that the planet goes far beyond that in many ways.

Had the dinosaurs not been wiped out by a meteorite, it is possible that the reptiles would’ve remained as the dominant species on the planet, evolving over time to become some supreme snake overlords.

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this has a mild spoiler warning. if you have seen the first 3 episodes, it doesn't matter, but i supposed some people want to be surprised & enjoy a film more.
it's kind of redundant for Ridley Scott. he seems to be obsessed with propagandizing this subject.
anyway, happy trails. beware what you watch that you're not being indoctrinated.

2 months, 2 weeks ago