President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at Turning Point Action: Rally to Protect Elections in Phoenix Arizona, July 24, 2021

Notable Quotes by President Trump:
"And we will not stop until we reclaim our American birthright of honest and Free and Fair elections."

"There's no way they win elections without cheating."

Crowd goes nuts when President Trump recognizes @ SonnyBorrelli and @ WendyRogersAZ, two great warriors for the truth about the Arizona election results! Thank you!!!

"The 2020 Election was a total disgrace. It was the most corrupt. I tell it to Republicans, you're not going to have a future in 22 or 24 if you don't find out how they cheated with hundred of thousands and millions of votes because you won't win anything."

"The 2020 Election was the most corrupt in History!"

"The Democrats know it, the corrupt media, they know it, Big Tech knows it, and most importantly we the American people know it."

"You know what's the Big Lie? Its the opposite, the election is the Big Lie."

“[Biden] didn’t really campaign. The Cabal campaigned for him.”

"We have to fight, we have no choice. And it starts right here with the amazing Patriots in Arizona...the evidence is monumental."

President Trump says the only thing he liked about Biden's campaign was the perfect circles drawn for the Fake News media, praising the contractors who drew them, "And it wasn't Hunter Biden with his artistry."

"And by the way, China has to pay us retribution."

"We didn't lose, we won by a lot."

"What the audit has found so far:
74K mail-in ballots with no clear record of being sent, 4K who voted past the registration deadline, 18K who voted and were purged from the rolls after the election, 168K printed on unofficial nonsecure paper."

"We're really smart people, we can't let this happen."

"Where are the routers? What are they trying to hide?"

"We talk about cancel culture, the biggest thing they want to cancel you for is the election. Because they say, 'holy sh*t they caught us.'"

"The Radical Left Democrat Communist Party rigged and stole the 2020 election. The time to act is not in 2022, or in 2024, the time is right now here in Arizona. We don't have the luxury to sit back and wait for the next election."

"They all say sit back and wait, you'll win in 2024. I say, 'Wait a minute, I just won 6 months ago!"

"Like it or not, we are becoming a communist country [under Biden regime]."

"Our country is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it."

"By people that won an election illegally, people that should not have been elected. They lost in a landslide."

"President Trump is on fire."

"Lightweight Chair of the Joints Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley actually defended the teaching of CRT a Marxist ideology, to our men and women in uniform. He says he wants to understand 'white rage.' What the hell is he talking about that for?"

"Wokeism makes you lose, it ruins your mind and ruins you as a person you become warped, you become demented. The U. S women's soccer team is a very good example."

"What's happening to our country has, sadly, happened to so many others. We are at the beginning of a communist system, radicals are seizing power and destroying everything we hold dear as Americans."

"Our country is being destroyed by people who have no right to destroy it. People that won an election illegally, people that should not have been elected. They lost in a landslide."

"They dismantled the rule of law, censor speech, take over the free press, imprison political opponents, you see that's happening all over, look at what I've been through for years.

"And, of course, hold fake phony elections."

"We are not fighting for socialism, communism, we're not fighting for servitude.

"We're fighting for God, for Country, and we are fighting for freedom."

"And above all, we live by the words of our national motto, and it will never change, IN GOD WE TRUST."

"President Trump had kind words. I am just glad to do my duty. Thank you, sir. And thank you to my senate colleagues who are standing firm with us." ~AZ Senator Wendy Rogers https://t.me/wendyrogersaz/507 https://wendyrogers.org/trump-praises-sen-wendy-rogers-at-phoenix-rally/

Source, President Trump Save America https://rumble.com/vka124-president-donald-j.-trump-delivers-remarks-at-turning-point-action.html

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Rally to Protect Our Elections with President Trump

Thousands of people lined up for HOURS to see President Trump in Phoenix!
More lines... https://youtu.be/3a-mJOZO9-Y

"Paul Gosar's entire speech is about the Fraudulent Arizona Election. He's bringing out facts and I LOVE IT. All that matters to me is the stolen election. When that is reversed, all other problems fix themselves. Put the election first and all other things shall follow!" - Patriot Behizy https://t.me/AmericaFirstAudits/1492

Source, il Donaldo Trumpo https://t.me/AmericaFirstAudits/1489

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