Part 1 or two or maybe even three. Odd three. Numbers. Cant live with em, and they cant pee standing up

Fair use, slut. Let's get educated n' sheeit.

3 months ago

This couyldn't be done without my researcher Johnathan, Ny editor Tobias & a whole team of people working around the clock, tpo bring this to you

3 months, 3 weeks ago

"DUBAI ISLAND'S" of Our Known Continents and Extra Land, Somewhat Decoded.🤗
( "East and West Sun Gates" and "Technological Underword and Circuitry.
And the Lumineries/Planets in the Underword" Depicted Here.)
*As for the Question Marks Sections, Outside of Section. They Could be Representing "Partical Accelerator Projecters or Part of the Technology" or Possibly Other Realm/Colonies?🤔
We Don't Know, So No Guess Work.
All in Time, We May Know for Shore.

Just some of the Big Project I've been Working on, but had been Heavily Delayed because of Everything going on.
Look's like A Ground Breaking Find here, "Nazca Lines" might be Connected?

For "Honest Truthers" this Truth and Findings, Show and Prove are True Reality.
*The Biggest Update and Progress for Flat Earth in Years, Not Enough People Know*
(END CORPORATE FASCIST CENSORSHIP! (Spread Truth and Knowledge.) ✌️😁

Remember how "Hard or Easy" it was for Everyone in the Know, to Realize Earth is Not A Globe, and that it's A "Realm and Flat" and Not some Thing Floating in Fantasy Outer-Space. 🤣
Some had to Overcome alot of Cognitive Dissonance during that Process.
Well this So more Easy Compared to that. 😉
So, Flat Earthers, Truthers, that's All us Researcher's Here.
Here's Our Reality, with many "Lands/Continants" Beyond.
I know the "Censorship and Shadow Banning" is Bad, but Let's Progress Things and make this Truth go as "VIRAL" as Possible. That means "Working Twice as Hard, Even Three Times As Hard" in Spreading this Truth Everywere!

Russia/Japan/Australia, Etc, are in the East Only, as the America's/Alaska/Canada, Etc, are in the West Only, As Both are on Opposite Sides of the World.
Thousands of Miles Apart in Any Direction, Even Further on the Paths Shown on A Fake Globe, that doesn't Exist in Reality.
There's A Massive "Pacific Ocean" Gaping Hole, Thousands of Miles Wide and A Impossible 4-5 Hours Different in Daylight at the "Diomede Islands" at the So Called Bering Strait, that are 2.4 Miles Apart.
(That's A Gap of Thousands of Miles in Sun Rise.)
And Also Over 20 Hours Time Difference.
Also During the 24 Hour "Midnight Sun" in June, 3 Days Difference Between the "Big and Little Diomede Islands."
That's Total Destruction of the Fantasy Globe and the A.E Map.
Also Separated by the International Data Line, which is really nothing more than A Mental Mind Block for what's Beyond are 7 Known Continents, that being The Gates in the East,West, North and South, Also
More Continents and Land.

(Please Share with Everyone you know and make Shore to See All PLAYLISTS on Both Channels, Thank You All.) 🤗

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Our Reality is much more than you can imagine. The imagination is the limit.

Please watch:

Please see:

- My new YouTube

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Our Reality is much more than you can imagine. The imagination is the limit.

Please watch:

Please see:

- All my movies (including all deleted by yt)

- My new YouTube

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1 year ago

Video Number 3 is Finally here, I had A lot of Problems with my Software, A lot of Noise Interuptions and Builder Work going on around here, Also Everything going on in the World right now, Including the Elections and So on. it's Literally been in Development Hell, Feeling like the most Cursed Thing I Ever Made, but the End Results, as You Will See... All Worth it.😂
Well, Finally Here We Are. ✌️😁

*Please Subscribe* ✌️😁
To the Outstanding and Amazing "APM Research" for more Incredible Information.
A Playlist I made of APM Research Playlist:
You'll Find my Channel in the Playlist Also.
Here's A Playlist From Their Channel Here:
Please Subscribe to Saleh's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClaHUmvbA2vG6JPXHeDz2Yw

THE APM Reasearch: Mercator Map is the Most Accurate and Real Flat Earth Map. 😁
It is A Massive Realm of Creation!
*Please Read Full Description Here.*
You can Hide Everything on A Fake Globe.😡
Also you can Hide Everything in the "North Pole" on A Flat Earth AE Map. 😞
*So even Thou, the AE Map Destoys the Globe... Flat Earthers and Globe Heads go Back and Forth Debating, because we have the Same Damn North Pole! 🤭*
The Globe makes Both "The North and South Poles" Look Small and Hides Everything Beyond. 😂

With the Mercater Flat Earth Map, The "North Pole" looks to be just as Big as the "South Pole" when it Comes to Hidden Lands and All other Areas. 😮
Also the same with Only True "East and West"... Unknown Real World Data and Hidden Lands.
(The Fake Globe and Flat Earth AE Map Both have A "Imaginery East and West" That goes Round in A Circle, Based on the Path of the Luminaries/ So Called Plants, Etc, Above us.)
The North is the Most Hidden thou, like A Ghost.

So the Flat Earth AE Map makes the "North Pole" look Small as the Fake Globe Does. 🤔
*So the "Flat Earth Mercater" Map is the Real Deal and most Accurate Map for Real World Data and Hides Nothing in All Directions of Travel with Hidden Continents and Lands Beyond.* 😁

"Are Earth Centre" is in the Middle, the South Pole and North Pole are Outwards as we know, in the Massive Realm we are in.
Also Hidding the "Gates/Portals" in the East, West, North and South."

If it's Endless, then Obviously no Map can Display it completely, that would be like showing A Map of A So called Universe.
This Park are "Earth Pond/Colony" is in, is the "Ground and Floor" of the "Realm/Universe." 😁

APM Research Team.
FPV Angel Channel:

One Conscience Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/OneConscience

P900 Coolpics Channel:

1 year ago

*Please Read and See Everything in this Comment here in Full. Also Subscribe to APM Research, "FPV Angel" Channel* ✌️😁
A Playlist I made of APM Research Playlist 1:
APM Research's Channel Playlist 2:
HALO'S Playlist 3:
*See These 2 NOTE'S Below* 😁👇

1. APM Research: The Sun Halo System 3D Model + Scarab Beetle Decoded. 😮... 😁
"Incredible Secret Knowledge Revealed"
Link below:
*Amazing Incredible Confirmation of APM Reasearch's Work*
(Eric Doller Talks about the Sun from A Globe Perspective Years Ago, He Didn't Know about Flat Earth.) 😉
Eric Dollard: The Sun Is Not What We Have Been Told (2013) 😮
Link below:
Eric Dollard secrets of the sun completed and Decoded. 😁
Link below:

As Pointer out in "Video No.3" There's No Real "Top or Bottom" as are Flat Earth Realm isn't A Shape, it's Possibly Infinite "Waters and Ground and Floor of the Univerese" Outside of the Confinments of Our "Technological Section" we are in.😁
So there's No Such Thing as Flipping are Continants Upside Down on A Map, most Maps are just Are Known Continants and not going Beyond to Everything else in Are Section.
So Flip the Map Anyway you Want, it's Meaningless.

1 year ago

as seen on BB's Dlive stream 497

"...When you can view the sun on a super clear, low humidity day from an altitude higher than anything in line with the camera and sun, you can witness, "The Sun Fade Out". From that vantage point and under those conditions you will see that the sun stops its apparent drop and just sits there for over 10 minutes until its light can no longer push through the thick atmosphere and reach you.

This video is NOT about the size of the sun but rather its path and how it does NOT set. ..." - DIRTH

1 year ago

Also my YouTube Channel Here and Many Playlists. *Please Subscribe* ✌️😁
Part 3 Coming Soon, Sorry for Delays, But there is too much Information and Interruptions, making this Video. Currently 7 Hours Long, will Also Separate into Parts, not long After.✌️😉
(3 Great Video Links Here)
Exposing the "Baring Strait." 🌉
So... BUSTED! 😮... 😂
Link below:
APM Research: The Diomedes, Sunrise, And The International Datelines. 😁
Link below:
The Diomedes Debunk The Bering Strait. 😮😁
"Goes into Very Great Detail."
Link below:
(They are Not Close Together Between America and Russia, they Are Thousands of Miles Apart on Opposite Sides of the World. There are No Directions with Both Countries Close Together, they are Thousands of Miles Apart in All Directions.)

"Big Diomede" is owned by Russia and "Little Diomede" is owned by the USA.
They seem to be Even more Guarded by Millitery, than in Antarctica. 😮
The Diomede Islands also known in Russia as Gvozdev Islands consist of Two.
Big Diomede Island to mainland Russia, and the island is now inhabited only by Military Units.
(Also, Big Diomede doesn't Appear on Some Maps?)

Damn, It's going to be Dark Under 3 Miles Away were I am, for 4 Hours, to my Local Train Station were its... Daylight! 🤭... 😂🤣

(And 4 Specific Antarctica Video's that Relate to this Post)
"See my Other Posts for more on Antartica."

1. ANTARCTICA - Sorry We're Closed!
Our Hidden Flat Earth.
*Great Detail on Antarctica and the Treaty* 😁
*Re-uploaded Due to Youtube Authoritarians Censoring "Taboo Conspiracy" and Taking Down his Original Channel.
Link below:

2. More Land and More Life on the Flat Earth:
*Worlds Beyond The Poles*
"Absolutely Incredible Mind blowing Information and Knowledge." 😀
Link below:

3. Flat Earth - "Worlds Beyond The Poles" - The Phone Call. 😁
Link below:

4. Found A Video that's 1000% Conformation the "Angelic Partical Matrix Flat Earth Modle" is The Real Deal as we Already Know!
It's being Shown on the "Fake Globe" of Course, Right were the "Fake Bering Strait" would be and more (Unknown Giant Land Mass.)
That's "Not Russia" as we Know, is Located.
(What they Have done, is Cut out Are Section of "7 Continents" and Wrapped it Around A Fake Ball.)
They are Calling it A Wall, WOW!
Link here:

Flat Earth Pilots and Flight Paths Video's: ✌️😁

1. International Airline Pilot DESTROYS the Spinning Ball Earth Theory - Flat Earth. 🛩️🛬😁
Link below:

(And 7 More Great Video Links Here.)

2. Six Commercial Airline Pilots Respond To The Flat Earth. 🤗
Link below:

3. Retired F-16 Pilot - Earth is Flat. 😁
Link below:

4. Dutch Airline Pilot makes Plea for Flat Earth. 😮
*Make Shore You Turn the Subtitles ON*
"I've Heard the Globe Cult Grounded Her from Flying after this, Globetards are Mental."
Link below:

6. 🛫✈️🛬 "Hidden Northern Flight Routes... Damn! ✌️😁
Link below:

6. Flat Earth: Angelic Particle Matrix - Hidden Flights Routes.
Link below:

Air Planes Mostly have more Normal Undistorted Windows, but some Air Planes have Rounded Windows that create Optical Distortions.
The Fuselage/Body of the Air Plane is Rounded on its sides, just like a Hotdog is. 😃
So some Air Planes Windows follow the Mold of the Planes Body.
The Air Plane is not A Elongated Square shape, so some don't have normal Flat Windows.
"Even Phoney Nasa Tells you, A Air Plane doesn't Fly High enough to see their Fake Curve." 😂

"No matter how High you Go, the Horizon meets your Eye Level, Over 120,000 Thousand Feet up with A Normal Camera on A High Altitude Air Balloon, It's Flat!
That's 4 Times Higher than any Passenger Plane Flies." 😁

Even Footage from A" Fisheye and Wide Angle Lens Camera" with Footage from Over 200,000 Thousand Feet High, when it was Lens Corrected... Completely Flat! 😉

1 year ago

Video - Something Strange Is Happening In The Spiritual Realm
Channel - End Times Productions

1 year ago

Playlist of all the Thronebreaker episodes: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/jLXqXCKLMpq1/

The end section of the title describe what content will be in this episode. This episode contains the following:

Side Story - A side story is included in the episode.

Side Story Battle - A Side Story battle is included in this episode.

Puzzle - The episode contains a puzzle.

Loitering - Substantial time of the episode is spent on some or all of the following subjects; gathering, talking to townsfolk, exploring, finding treasure.

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Ik werk deze afleveringen aan mijn farm

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within a miraculous realm - the absolute - vanlife sessions

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Mijn Minecraft Realm

2 years, 3 months ago