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10 months, 3 weeks ago

We already engage in massive amounts of eugenics and dysgenics, why not more?

Dawkins: https://twitter.com/RichardDawkins/status/1228943686953664512
Archive: http://archive.ph/WwcnI
Incentives: https://twitter.com/westland_will/status/1229098031628161024
Archive: http://archive.ph/2Vm42
Positive vs. Negative: http://eugenicsarchive.ca/discover/connections/5233c3ac5c2ec50000000086
Archive: http://archive.ph/HdKeH
Definition: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/eugenics
Archive: http://archive.ph/0nkmY
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Disclaimer: I condemn violence and hatred toward any group or individual. Take all *seeming* incitements as satire or nuance.
#RichardDawkins #Eugenics #Reproduction #AlphaMales #Atheism

1 year, 1 month ago

We are in a world of reproductive interference - JF Gariépy TPS #537

•Oct 3, 2019

Based and beautiful

The family unit of western civilisation has been dismantled by an academic social engineering project.

By Jean-François Gariépy
Original video from The Public Space:



1 year, 6 months ago

Pigeon Rescue Story, Part 4

April 9, 2019

copyright (c) 2019
William Schaeffer

Pigeons are monogamous and typically mate for life.
Female pigeons can reach sexual maturity as early as 7 months of age.
Pigeons build a flimsy platform nest of straw and sticks, put on ledge, under cover, often located on the window ledges of buildings.
Eight to 12 days after mating, the females lay 1 to 3 (usually 2) white eggs which hatch after 18 days.
Condition at Hatching: Helpless, with sparse yellow or white down.
Chicks fledge (leave the nest) in 25-32 days (45 days in midwinter).
The male provides nesting material and guards the female and the nest.
The young are fed pigeon milk, a liquid/solid substance secreted in the crop of the adult (both male and female) which is regurgitated.
More eggs are laid before the first clutch leaves the nest.
Breeding may occur at all seasons, but peak reproduction occurs in the spring and fall. A population of pigeons usually consists of equal numbers of males and females. When populations suddenly decrease, pigeon production increases and will soon replenish the flock.
In captivity, pigeons commonly live up to 15 years and sometimes longer. In urban populations, however, pigeons seldom live more than 3 or 4 years. Natural mortality factors, such as predation by mammals and other birds, diseases, and stress due to lack of food and water, reduce pigeon populations by approximately 30% annually.

from the website https://ovocontrol.com/pigeons/


2 years ago

Philips n1500 n1501 fix
Pinch roller reproduction

2 years, 3 months ago

Originally published on Oct 17, 2017

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains the history of the movement to improve the human race by promoting positive genetic traits and discouraging negative ones. He explains why this approach fell out of favor and the risks we run by ignoring the principles of population genetics. The Chinese are working very hard to apply modern genetics to their population. If they succeed, they could dominate every field of endeavor. Mr. Taylor warns that we can either adopt some of the same techniques or learn Chinese.

Website: https://www.amren.com/
Gab: https://gab.ai/AmRenaissance

2 years, 7 months ago

Originally published on Oct 10, 2017

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains that it is widely accepted that the same techniques that have dramatically improved crops and domestic animals apply to human beings. Amniocentesis, genetic counseling, and screening for donor sperm and eggs all recognizes that genes influence both desirable and undesirable traits. Could these principles be used in a conscious way to improve our species just as we improve race horses and dairy cows?

Website: https://www.amren.com/
Gab: https://gab.ai/AmRenaissance

2 years, 7 months ago

Since original SVT-40 magazines are expensive and hard to come by I decided to try a couple of reproduction magazines.

3 years ago

There are many valuable progressive lesson that can be learned from Queer Kids stuff, for example they taught us there is no such thing as gender. Well now they are teaching us where babies come from it is really fun.

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3 years ago