Psaki accidentally tells the truth! Kind of.

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::david-lester: . Straight:
draws from the wealth of knowledge he gained working for the CIA, as a Navy Seal, as a Deputy Sheriff, and a part owner in a Title company. Spending countless hours in the National Archives studying the real historical records of America, David is presently on "TWO TRUMP PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE TASK FORCES", one aimed at quelling child and sex trafficking, the other exposing governmental corruption at any level.

Want to know why Hillary gets away with murder? Why you're always screwed in court? Want to know how to NOT have to pay property taxes???

People will learn how to resist overzealous agents purporting to act as government whether the topic is #CPS, travel rights, Social Security number use or not, Citizenship versus national of a state, proper land ownership and land patent information, Affidavit to Judgment process without costly lawyers and court time and so much more!

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Trump at Ohio rally, Election Fraud, Arizona audit, Patriots rising up, Trump is not a Zionist

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More strange military activity in Washington DC -- update on the CURRENT (June 25th) situation
-- The Dual Presidency, division of powers
-- How Donald Trump will be restored to his rightful seat as President of America
-- How the military is creating the environment that is necessary for the legal process (to expose the Election Fraud and re-instate Trump) to run its course
-- The truth about the January 6 Pelosi Insurrection when Ashli Babbit was targeted and executed
-- More about the secret war for America

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The veil of deception is finally lifting. Washington DC is almost completely deserted except for military. The Military Tribunals in DC are running full speed.

Tunnels beneath the city were cleared, deep underground military base (White Castle) has been secured, Trump is the apparent Commander in Chief, the Satanic Cabal (those who are not already arrested) is in full panic mode.

Richard Citizen Journalist reports. Dark Outpost. Helicopters over Capital Building. The FBI building completely emptied and shuttered.

CNN claims to be filming live at the Rose Garden (with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and gang) and tv appears to show this happening but citizen journalist busts this lie right open by aiming camera right at White House AS THIS WAS SUPPOSEDLY BEING FILMED, proving that the whole thing was a sham.

The entire Biden administration is a sham--Propped up by CG, film studios, and teams of sycophants. BIG THINGS ARE HABBENING

I had to do a lot of chopping to keep my monologue as short as possible and I may have edited out details that might be pertinent to your understanding of this convoluted affair. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments.

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Ron Paul video clips and quotes 2008 2011-01-05

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Ron Paul - Fox News Republician Canidates Debate _Read the Constitution 2010-09-25

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Ron Paul CNBC IRS Agent Joseph Banister CPA and Congressman Federal Income tax is illegal 2011-08-12

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Ron Paul at Values Summit 2011-10-08

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How relevant the not so distant past is Charles Lindbergh, Sr., Louis Thomas McFadden, Wright Patman 2012-01-02

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Before the Covid-19 "Vaccine" passport making its way along there was the National ID card and the Real ID Act. Another layer of Tag, Track, and Identify. Some news clips and some Ron Paul debate clips. 2010-02-19


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Just to show the complicity of the propaganda news someone caught them red handed. Watch this and vote for Mit Romney? And we are supposed to blindly believe and follow these useless mockingbirds on entertainment Tell A Vision.

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Ron Paul Powerful Speech - Current Conditions or just a bad Dream - A Call for Revolution 2010-03-03

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Footage just obtained by the Gateway Pundit shows damning evidence of officials committing election fraud during the presidential election in Detroit Michigan.

Also interviews with witnesses and data showing how this directly altered the outcome of the election and allowed Beijing Biden to steal the White House

Election fraud, corrupt Democrat officials, ballot dumping, stop the steal, stolen election, restore the Republic

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Mr. Snuggles for President 2020 - Episode 001 - Official Restore the Republic Campaign Announcement

Mr. Snuggles proudly presents the official campaign announcement of his 2020 Restore the Republic Presidential Campaign. Together, we can do anything!

Mr. Snuggles' campaign platform consists of two central concepts:

1. Mandate the non-aggression principle for all government entities.
2. Reboot the rule of law in keeping with the founding documents.

Mr. Snuggles does indeed respond to questions, feel free to ask in the comments below!

So spread the word! Restore the Republic! Mr. Snuggles for President!

[[The Mr. Snuggles campaign for president will rely on write-in votes. If you want to see Mr. Snuggles' name officially appear on your ballot, you must research your state's laws to see how that can be achieved and get off your patooty and make it happen. He's a teddy bear, he can't very well do it himself. This message is brought to you by SAFE (Stuffed Animals For Everybody), the political action comedy supporting Mr. Snuggles' 2020 Restore the Republic Presidential Campaign.]]


You can also find Mr. Snuggles at:
GAB: https://www.gab.com/TheMrSnugglesShow
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