I went looking for a link of this theme song to share in Discord, because I enjoy bombing music channels with videogame OSTs. The only good Arachno render I could find (from the Arachno Soundcloud account, no less) was fairly raw with no real post-processing on the instruments.

So here, have my render of it.

If you want that MIDI sound as raw as you can possibly get it, I recommend you dig into the description of my "Endless Madness"/"(D_FUTURE.MID)" video: it has all the necessary links to get set up playing MIDI files for yourself. In fact, this very song comes packaged in MIDI format alongside the Arachno Soundfont download itself.

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2 months, 1 week ago

I'm kinda disappointed to learn, after looking it up, that Heretic: SotSR's music doesn't have official track names.
Oh well. Have one of my Top-3 songs from the soundtrack, in Arachno Soundfont.

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7 months, 4 weeks ago

This is an extremely weird circumstance.
This rendition of this song is a gamerip from the Skulldash Expanded Edition mod by Joshua 'Dragonfly' O'Sullivan.
It just so happens though that it's a rendition of a song from the BattleTanx OST.
*But*, there's a couple ports of that game, and so I don't know which version is more accurately represented.

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8 months ago

More music goodness. Figured I'd make this when I saw the Heretic soundtrack, as I was scrolling through my music looking for something for a Crimmis shitpost.

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8 months, 3 weeks ago

More of that quick music fiddling.
This time from the first Vertical Shooter I ever played, and a shareware staple of my childhood.

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10 months, 3 weeks ago

REUPLOAD: The original upload of this was having some fuckery and not loading/playing back properly for myself and a couple of friends, so this is a reupload to hopefully fix that. It *was* taking suspiciously long to upload that first time....

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Been a very productive couple days. Felt like quickly whipping this up after working out for a while. It's that one System Shock 1 song everyone knows for sounding like a NIN song, but I never got into listening to them outside of the Quake OST, so I wouldn't know.

MEGA.NZ link for the MP3

(Username: duurdoom)
~~Link is, sadly, now dead~~

1 year ago