I purchased this figure from Mandarake as an open box item with box damage. The figure is the standard Revoltech with clicky joints where you would expect them if you have handled any other revo. The figure appears to have been stored for some time and it was in good condition. The bangs part of the hair was stuck in to the head pretty solid. Once I was able to get the hair and face out of the head they became much easier to swap out. The bare feet for beach play was a nice touch. Posing the figure was somewhat difficult because of the hair tentacles. The tentacles also add a lot of weight to the head. The dress is removable as seen in the video. It is made from that type of rubber that becomes unstable and eventually becomes sticky. I attempted to clean it off with soap and water, water mixed with baking soda and iso alcohol but it is still tacky to the touch. It is unfortunate since the dress fits my small shinks very well. For about $10.00 I am happy with the figure but I think I will keep an eye out for the figma.

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I was browsing through some older Revoltech figures and found this Fraulein SP No.2 Nagato Yuki figure for $9.00. This is a pretty heavy figure even without the huge cape, cat and hat. The white paint work on the shirt and arms is not very impressive. There are a couple of paint blobs and some missing paint around the elbow joints. Her arms also have some divots from the mold. All joints except for the knees and elbows are standard revoltech clicky joints. Fresh out of the box Her left leg was a bit bent out of shape at the knee. I will have to try and warm it up and see if i can get it straightened up. The cut in the video where the figure goes from caped to uncaped was three minutes of me fiddling with the leg. The guitar looks pretty nice. The guitar strap is shaped well and the holes are different sizes so it fits one way only. The book is simple with a little paint bleed but the little wand is very nice. The hat sits on her head and has the shape of the hair indented in to the inside so it sits one way. The cat has a small peg on the side of its head that slips in to the cape. It took a minute to figure out where the cat was meant to be placed even though it was clearly pictured on the back of the box. At 150mm this figure is much larger than I expected. I am not sure what kind of accessories or dioramas i might be able to find for a figure this size. I am am pretty happy with the figure and I am going to be looking in to this Fraulein line to see what else is available.

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