La Quinta Columna demonstrated in real time in Fritz Iribar's program "La Fuente," the weird movements of carbon ribbons (better known as Morgellons), when exposed to body temperature and breath.

These structures are the only ones that move when tested, while graphene oxide and microtechnology remain stationary.

FEBRUARY 12, 2022

11 months, 2 weeks ago

La Quinta Columna has detected graphene and microtechnology in samples it has observed, and now, in a recent program, exclusive images of Morgellons were shown. These parasites have the particularity of being seen in certain colors and, in this case, they can be observed in red.
FEBRUARY 03, 2022

11 months, 3 weeks ago

At last, an official body has acknowledged that the vaccines against COVID-19 contain graphene oxide as part of their composition. This event took place after a request was made to investigate the death of a person post-vaccination.
The toxicity of the nanomaterial that goes into the vaccines is described in the scientific literature, with at least 67 articles on the subject, the same ones that La Quinta Columna compiled a few months ago to attach to the final report by Dr. Pablo Campra.
Carlos Insaurralde, the prosecutor behind the case of the man who died after being inoculated talks about graphene oxide and other unknown substances, and urges people to file lawsuits to stop the poisoning of the population.
JANUARY 17, 2022

Argentine government agency admits COVID vaccines contain graphene oxide

Prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde: 'I assure you that these vaccines are destined to kill us'

1 year ago

La Quinta Columna has been working on a modest report to be finished within the week.

This new report focuses on the microtechnology found in 3 Pfizer vaccination vials and how it evolves when exposed to different types of radiation, such as electromagnetic and UV.

This report would be a new addition to those that have already been written to date, revealing the different objects found in vaccination vials.

More details in the new video that Orwell City brings today.
January 12, 2022

1 year ago

La Quinta Columna shares new optical microscopy images of graphene, self-assemblies, and microtechnology.
This is a good summary to share with those who aren't yet aware of what's being injected into people's bodies.

More details in the video that Orwell City brings on this occasion.
January 09, 2022

1 year ago

In a new special program for El Mirador del Gallo radio station, La Quinta Columna explained how the inoculated microtechnology would self-assemble inside the body to create more complex structures such as micro-routers, micro-rectennas, and other things.

As explained and proved by biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, certain qualities of electro-frequencies and radiation, in conjunction with biological processes, would make it possible to create a network within the body.

More details in the following excerpt that Orwell City has prepared for its followers.
January 04, 2022

1 year ago

If you thought the video about microtechnology detected in a Pfizer vial by La Quinta Columna was shocking enough, the team of Spanish researchers has shared today another one even more impressive.

In a single drop that has been left to dry, it has been possible to observe microstructures that would explain the phenomenon behind the generation of MAC addresses.

Orwell City brings to English this new visual material that La Quinta Columna has shared with the world.

January 03, 2022

1 year ago

La Quinta Columna has issued a new communiqué of special importance. This time, denouncing the presence of microtechnology in a Pfizer vial.

The observation of the objects detected in this vial to date has been carried out under optical microscopy throughout the most recent programs of the Spanish team.

Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado Martín has asked people all over the world to contact him to testify before a legal body about the content of the vaccine.

Orwell City brings the words of the founder of La Quinta Columna into English.

Note: It's strongly recommended that you listen to the video at a low volume, as Mr. Delgado speaks quite loudly in much of it.
January 02, 2022

1 year ago

La Quinta Columna dedicated its most recent program to show the substance contained in a Pfizer vaccination vial under an optical microscope.

In the following excerpt that Orwell City has brought into English, some of the main structures identified by the Spanish researchers can be easily observed.
December 28, 2021

1 year, 1 month ago


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