The concept of immorality being a threat to well being is something immoral people who want to demoralize and threaten well being dont want to draw attention to.

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Pelosi: Trump’s Actions Make What Nixon Did "Look Small"


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Sunny Hostin Amazed By John Dean Comparing Trump To Nixon: 'Exact Same!'

The hosts were divided on The View Tuesday over Democrats dragging out John Dean to testify over the Mueller report Monday, where he compared President Trump to Richard Nixon. The stunt was praised by View hosts Sunny Hostin and fill-in host Deborah Roberts as historically necessary, but Meghan McCain called out the disgraced, former White House counsel for his partisanship and history of hackery.

NewsBusters: Hostin Amazed by John Dean Comparing Trump to Nixon: 'Exact Same!'


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Rep. Mark Meadows: John Dean Has Made A Career Of Comparing Everyone To Nixon

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows on House Democrats inviting the key Watergate figure to testify on Capitol Hill. Tucker Carlson. #Tucker
Fox News: Tucker Carlson Tonight


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