Differences between a dynamic, kinematic, and static rigidbody character in the unity game engine. This example uses 2d but essentially the same ideas apply to 3d characters as well (with an extra dimension of complexity of course)

Make a 2D Platformer Character with State Machines in Unity 2020

Example Character Used https://rvros.itch.io/pixel-art-animated-slime

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0:00 What to Expect
0:24 Static Rigidbody
1:06 Dynamic Rigidbody
1:41 Kinematic rigidbody
2:15 In Game Dynamic Rigidbody Example
3:39 In Game Kinematic
4:55 Basic Differences in Script
8:39 Kinematic Needs Manual Calculations
10:21 Dynamic Mode Add Force

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Learn how to move an object by getting axis input and adding forces to a dynamic Rigidbody. The best advantage of dynamic rigidbodies is that you'll have built in collisions and gravity.

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