On December 4, 2019, some creep hacked into a Ring baby monitor and harassed 8-year-old Alyssa LeMay of Nesbit, Mississippi. The perpetrator is still at large. However, some have suggested it was Corey Ray Barnhill, a hacker who lives in the metropolitan NY/NJ area. In this episode we examine the evidence suggesting Corey Ray Barnhill harassed an 8-year-old girl. Did he do it? You decide.

As always, do your own research. All suspects are presumed innocent. Use this information as starting point for your research. You must make up your own mind.

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Jay Bangers and Chumley Warner present ring modulations fun with the DIY homemade ring modulation box. The carrier wave for the box is provided by a Linstead signal generator and the microphone is a shure sm58 through a mixer to boost the signal into the ring modulator. Great fun to build as you only need 6 components and a box. Thanks for watching wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best Jay and Chumley. See you in the new year and please suscribe and tell all your friends. Music by Simon Hunns copyright 2018

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All except for the first one are done by me.

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This is the cycle without words.

Das Rheingold (The Rhine Gold)

0:00 Vorspiel
5:24 Zweite Szene
7:48 Dritte Szene
10:04 Heda! Heda hedo!

Die Walküre (The Valkyrie)

11:57 Akt 1
14:53 Akt 1, Final
15:35 Akt 2, Prelude
18:06 Akt 3, The Ride of the Valkyries
21:21 Akt 3, Wotan's Farewell
26:37 Akt 3, Magic Fire Music


28:00 Akt 1, Siegfried forges his sword
28:45 Akt 1, Final
29:02 Akt 2, Forest murmurs
31:06 Akt 2, Siegfried kills Fafner
32:24 Akt 2, Fafner's lament

Götterdämmerung (Twilight of the Gods)

34:18 Siegfried's and Brunnhilde's passion
40:10 Siedfried's Rhine journey
45:16 Hagen's call to his clan
47:00 Siegfried and the Rhinemaidens
49:50 Siegfried's Death and Funeral Music
1:00:33 Immolation Scene

Conductor: Lorin Maazel
Orchestra: Berliner Philharmoniker

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LifeSiteNews: Disturbing video: Pope Francis refuses to let faithful kiss his papal ring

Pope Francis makes it clear that he doesn’t want the faithful to kiss his papal ring, repeatedly pulling his hand away from pilgrims who were lined up to greet him reverently during his one-day visit to the Holy House of Loreto.


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This is my first video on chemistry.......finally. Ring stands are essential to any home chemist. Post any comments or questions

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Welcome to the 666 matrix. Our reality is an elaborate illusion created by our overlords to hold us in their matrix. Likewise many 'truther' channels actually feed you the same 666 numerology in their video feeds, all to hold you at Carbon 12 (which is 6 protons 6 electrons 6 neutrons). They also hold the sun at 126hz using a filter.

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