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Claim Your FREE Roomba Here : https://bit.ly/3eXK53x

Roomba is a compact, computerized vacuum cleaner that automatically guides itself around your home.
Like a conventional cleaner, it picks up dirt with spinning brushes and a vacuum. There's a side-mounted, flailing brush that pushes dirt underneath the machine and, once there, two more counter-rotating brushes (turning in opposite directions) pick up the dirt and direct it toward the powerful vacuum, which sucks it away into a little storage bin. Unlike a normal cleaner, Roomba moves itself around your room with two large tractor-style wheels, each one independently driven by a separate electric motor. The wheels can turn in opposite directions, which means Roomba can literally "spin on a dime" and clean almost any space it can drive into.
Power comes from an onboard NiMH rechargeable battery pack. Virtually all of Roomba's features have been designed to use as little power as possible so it can work for quite a long time (maybe 90 minutes if you're lucky) between charges. Roomba has numerous onboard sensors to detect dirt, dodge obstacles, and steer clear of things like tassels on rugs and telephone cords that could cause it problems. When it's finished, it nips back into its "docking" station and recharges itself for next time. You could almost say it has a mind of its own!
Claim Your FREE Roomba Here : https://bit.ly/3eXK53x

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An abstract and colorful scrolling beat-em-up, in which one to four players control a team of robotic ninjas who must fight their way through a variety of levels, defeating the game's many enemies. The enemies themselves are based entirely around the sport of Baseball; taking the form of Baseballs, Catcher's mitts, bats etc.






Ninja Baseball BatMan © 1993 Irem America Corp.

Level: Hardest
Emulator: HoubaUI Plus! Plus! No Intro .125
Recorded and Dubbed with: Mirillis Action! 1.19.2
Text and Encoded with: Windows Live Movie Maker
Edited with: NCH VideoPad Video Editor
Original Upload Date: June 20, 2014

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