I feel if I'll stay here one more day, I'll go out of my mind

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just a raw video about a women making it to the top

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Rock and Roll.
Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby
"All good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff." Frank Zappa
"When I play from my mind, I get in trouble." Stevie Ray Vaughan

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The original 45rpm single was issued on Rocky Road 30072 - Rock And Roll Heaven (Johnny Stevenson-Alan O’Day) by Climax featuring Sonny Geraci, arranged by Dave Roberts, produced by Larry Cox, released March 1973
One year after Sonny Geraci’s group gave us the #1 hit “Precious And Few” they released this tribute which went largely unnoticed, though the 1974 treatment by The Righteous Brothers became a top-5 hit

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Rick Of The Living Dead
The Beginning - Night Of The Rick Assly Astley Of The Living Dead
The Beginning - Rick Astley - Rock Assly - Night Of The Return of The Living Dead
This is the best video you'll ever see. I promiss.
The Beginning - Rick Astley - Rock Assly - Night Of The Return of The Living Dead

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Phil, a part-time truck driver and singer, meets a feisty platinum blonde who challenges him to a drag race through Griffith Park. When he is caught and loses his license, he meets up with the sketchy Frank Wooster who offers him a job singing in his new nightclub. When Phil discovers that his new job also includes drug running, he must fight to save his friends and himself.

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Local Dallas teenagers resist attempts by shady underworld types to take over their beloved rock 'n' roll club. This rock 'n' roll-themed movie features top-notch rockabilly performances by Johnny Carroll and The Hot Rocks, Don Coates and The Bon-Aires, Preacher Smith and the Deacons, The Five Stars, The Belew Twins, and Roscoe Gordon.

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Two young women, Judy and Ann, catch the six-five special train from Glasgow bound for London, with the intention of making a singing career for the latter of the two upon arrival. Once on the train they find that it is full of singing stars travelling down to London to appear on the TV show 'Six-Five Special'. They also meet actor Finlay Currie who tries to dissuade Ann from going into the business. Also on the train are the show's presenters, Pete Murray and Jo Douglas, for whom Ann auditions. Impressed with her voice, she is offered a spot on the show in the chorus. After watching a number of acts, Ann's big moment arrives as a supporting singer for Dickie Valentine. As the show moves into its finalé, Jo Douglas informs Ann that she has made enough of an impression to be offered a solo spot on the show the following week.
Songs by: Jim Dale, Don Lang, John Barry Seven, Jackie Dennis, The King Brothers, Lonnie Donegan and Petula Clark, among others.

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Tägliche politische und Geoengineering-Nachrichten:
Meine Kanäle:

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One of the better documentaries about the beginnings of the Big Beat/Rock & Roll. Alan Freed was instrumental in bringing this mix of Rhythm & Blues/Country/Western Swing to a nationwide audience. His Rock'n'Roll concerts helped to break down the segregation of black and white fans. Great footage of the main stars of Rock'n'Roll music of the 1950s.

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call something by a fancy sounding name and get the media to persuade the gullible public to panic and strip the shelves of bog rolls

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01.Wayne Walker - All I Can Do Is Cry 02.Sleepy La Beef - All The Time 03.Bill Love - Baby I'll Never Let You Go 04.Bobby Lollar - Bad Bad Boy 05.Janis Martin - Bang Bang 06.Don Woody - Barking Up The Wrong Tree 07.Tennessee Bill - Be Boppin' Baby 08.Mack Banks - Be Boppin' Daddy 09.Bobby Lord - Beautiful Baby 10.Don Woody - Bird Dog 11.Marvin Rainwater - Boo Hoo 12.Ronnie Self - Bop A Lena 13.Vern Pullens - Bop Crazy Baby 14.Don Willis & the Orbits - Boppin' High School Baby 15.Ric Cartey - Born To Love One Woman 16.Jackie Lee Cochran - Buy a Car 17.Lee Finn - Cat All Night 18.Johnny Carroll - Crazy Crazy Lovin' 19.Art Adams - Dancing Doll 20.Joe Clay - Did You Mean Jelly Bean 21.Billy Praeger & the Caravans - Do It Bop 22.Pat Cupp & the Flying Saucers - Do Me No Wrong 23.Bob Doss - Don't Be Gone Long 24.Alvis Wayne - Don't Mean Maybe Baby 25.Curtis Gordon - Draggin' 26.Mickey Gilley - Drive In Movie 27.Joe Clay - Ducktail 28.Bob & Lucille - Eeny Meeny Miney Mo 29.Benny England - Eloping 30.Carl Mann - Gonna Rock & Roll Tonight 31.Mac Curtis - Grandaddy's Rockin' 32.Skeets McDonald - Heartbreakin' Mama 33.Bill Lawrence - Hey Baby 34.Jackie Lee Cochran - Hip Shakin' Mama 35.Larry Donn - Honey Bun 36.Dale Vaughn - How Can You Be Mean To Me 37.Al Rex - Hydrogen Bomb

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How to roll Temaki Rolls

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"In the beginning"... with these words the Bible begins the story of the great mystery of the origins of time, existence and the h­istory of the Universe. It also contains the proclamation of the Word of God, invisible and omnipotent, creator of heaven and earth, who turns once more to his people with the promise of the salvation which man has awaited since the moment of his creation and of his first sin...This is the subject of the "most widely-read book in the world" from which, in thirty-nine episodes, we evoke characters and events so that young people of the new generations can appreciate the richness of this great treasure.

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ive got a line on you

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