"Can we quickly get a clean up on isle numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. And tell Mike he's fired! Cheers."

Video sourced from Russia Today on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/RT

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Ben Swann on RT, Apr 13, 2021

J&J's vaccine has been paused. At the same time, European countries are banning the astra-veneca vaccine all over fears of blood clots. Is the problem actually bigger than the FDA is letting on?

Full show Pentagon has microchip 'to detect COVID' ready for you
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Published on Nov 27, 2016
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George Orwell
Tribune, 27 December 1946
Most people, if asked to prove that the earth is round, would not even bother to produce the rather weak arguments I have outlined above. They would start off by saying that ‘everyone knows’ the earth to be round, and if pressed further, would become angry. In a way Shaw is right. This is a credulous age, and the burden of knowledge which we now have to carry is partly responsible.

I live in a Magic Show with many Creative Forces Hiding God but I am in it for The Long Haul because I am more than another Soul in the System. The Lost Nail awakened me from blind trust in the Coat of Credibility, using my New Eyes and Depth Perception. I visit the Empty Theaters and admire Byrd Wall and all of the misguided Map Makers inhabiting the ol Status Quo when we are all truly dreaming of Shell Beach.

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Remarks: Freedom of speech is one of the pillars of democracy, and also the one that, in the West, is perceived as being in greatest peril. With the left claiming that it has become a vehicle co-opted by the right to spread hate, and the right deriding the left as sinister, snowflake censors, just what are the boundaries of free speech? To discuss this, Oksana Boyko RT is joined by Tommy Robinson, British activist. FULL STORY HERE: https://www.4cmitv.com/2020/03/10/2020-feb-23-tommy-robinson-in-russia-freedom-of-speech-is-one-of-the-pillars-of-democracy/

1 year, 8 months ago

RUSSIA TODAY has been FINED £200,000 UK CENSOR 'OFCOM', called by OFCOM'S own EX-EMPLYEES Online as "Dysfunctional organisation at all levels with corruption covered up at highest levels". Then HEAD of OFCOM, SHARON WHITE, SAT GIBBERING and GIGGLING with SPEECH LIKE A SMALL CHILD during the TELEVISED GOVERNMENT PUBLIC JUDICIAL REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUqcQgvUaBk SHARON WHITE REFUSED to GIVE any DIRECT ANSWER about the ALLEGED 'MISCONDUCT' of RT UK. UK GOVERNMENT is CONSTANTLY HARRASSING RT UK starting in 2015 with the CORRUPT USE of GOVERNMENT BANK NATWEST in FREEZING RT UK BANK ACCOUNTS: https://www.rt.com/news/273310-uk-freeze-russian-agency/ NATWEST was further involved in the CORRUPTION of SHUTTING DOWN thousands of UK BUSINESSES and SELLING THEM ON. Many people CLOSED their NATWEST BANK ACCOUNTS. RT is to ask for an INVESTIGATION into the JUDICIARY as the FINE is so LARGE compared to UK GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA OUTLETS like SKY NEWS and THE DAILY MAIL [successfully sued 37 times for FALSE INFORMATION and FAKE NEWS]. A BAN on RT UK on UK TELEVISION was THREATENED but would be a MAJOR CENSORSHIP EMBARRASSMENT for the UK GOVERNMENT which SHUT DOWN IRAN'S POPULAR ENGLISH SERVICE PRESSTV that EXPOSED BRITISH CRIMES via SAUDI ARABIA and ISRAEL regularly:







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DRASTIC CHANGES in RUSSIA as IMPERIAL, SOVIET and MODERN are the IMAGES that FITTED this idea for me on 'NOW'. How things WERE and how they ARE is part of NOW. Some GOOD and SOME bad is in the PRESENT. I WROTE and SANG this SONG. ANDREW did the ORCHESTRATION catching the RUSSIAN THEME by INSERTING a BALALAIKA ORCHESTRA along with 'COLD' MINOR CHORD STRINGS like composer PROKOFIEV. We had a lot of FUN doing this COLLABORATION. ANDREW'S ARRANGING and KEYING INTO the STUDIO is SUPERB! I hope YOU like it! K

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