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This Politician is at the forefront of social change.
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Meet the man who bought the top of every stock trend
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comedy sketch

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These actors are appalled about their participation in fat suit movies.

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This is a Satirical Comedy Sketch.

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A 5 minute long VPN ad, huh.

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Yet another company profiteering (Comedy Sketch)
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This doctor knows the only way to stop bigotry is will full isolation from society. (comedy sketch)

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This is the therapist for our generation (Comedy Sketch)

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The Future of Churches. Get on board with the future.
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The First Body Positive Personal Trainer
(comedy sketch)

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Can this gay couple put aside their political differences?
(comedy sketch)

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You are the problem and don't forget it.

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originally uploaded by: Ryan Long https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzKFvBRI6VT3jYJq6a820nA

originally uploaded: Dec 7, 2020

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This is a new center for bloggers to get back into the normal world (comedy sketch)
despite its popularity this is exactly what youtube hates, so its getting backed up.

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This is a new center for bloggers to get back into the normal world (comedy sketch)

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Ever Since Marcus' Mom Went to College she hasn't been the same

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This is ironically accurate.

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