Censored, shadow banned, manipulated, and finally deplatformed, Ryan Cristian knows a thing or two about social media censorship in the “New America” where words are more dangerous than viruses, and thoughts are more deadly than drugs.

The host of the wildly popular nightly show, The Last American Vagabond, sits down with us to fill in the blanks about the methods that are being used to convince the public that they are one wrong breath away from contracting the most deadly virus in recorded history, and why the groupthink people are actually far more dangerous than COVID-19.

Where are the voices of reason screaming about the psychological operation that the world is being put through? How long can the tower of lies last when the strong winds of truth are blowing? Have we traded in logic and reason for fear and a flimsy paper mask? There is still time to turn this thing around but we have to rise and stand up for ourselves.
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TLAV, September 16, 2018

Anyone who has taken the time to truly research this nation’s history, both recent and back to its origins, should be well aware that those with the wealth have the power to manipulate the government, just as we are increasingly beginning to see today, due in large part to the tireless and all too often unacknowledged efforts of the independent media.

History has shown, in more ways than one, that these ruling elite – or whatever euphemism one feels applies to those with almost no financial limitations and the ability to influence both policy and trade on a massive scale – would have no qualms about choosing their gain over your well-being at every turn. So when we apply that logic to the case at hand, wherein doctors are finding, or rather re-discovering alternative ways to heal and outright prevent a multitude of illnesses that plague humanity, illnesses that have been used to create entire multi-billion dollar industries of continuous treatment as opposed to actual healing, we need to ask ourselves: who stands to lose with this monumental rise in awareness of just how effective holistic medicine can be?

Joining me once again to follow-up on our previous interview in regard to her unintended series about the mysterious deaths of now over 90 doctors, is Erin Elizabeth of Health Nut News.


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Richie is joined by Spiro Skouras and Ryan Cristian.
Spiro has a hugely successful YouTube channel and is working with www.activistpost.com Ryan is the man behind the equally successful YouTube channel and website www.thelastamericanvagabond.com. The guys discuss the latest Covid-19 restrictions, Trump's claim that a vaccine is imminent and will be rolled out by the military, social crediting, culture wars, gun ownership and much more.
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Ryan Cristián with Ben Swann, August 5, 2020

"Ben Swann Interview – Decades Of Mask Science Came To One Conclusion, So Why Can’t We Talk About It?"

Joining me today is investigative journalist Ben Swann to discuss his recent coverage of the mask debate, and how he dared to consider the decades of scientific studies leading up to today before formulating his opinion. We also discuss how he was censored for objectively reporting on this past research, and it’s relevance to today, as well as his new platform, ISE.media. As armies of online influencers attack anyone daring to think for themselves as “anti-maskers,” despite many merely wanting clarity, all we should truly be seeking is objective debate. Does anyone feel that is what’s actualy taking place today?

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The Last American Vagabond


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