Here is an improvisation on my Turkish Baglama Saz to a 115bpm maqsoum style beat. While I improvised on the saz I listened to a generic maqsoum 4/4 beat on the doumbek to influence the way I played the saz. Later in Cakewalk I added an indie drumkit with more of a rock/post rock style drum beat to get an interesting fusion of styles. The trick was trying to get the drums programmed to sound similar to the original doumbek beat I improvised to without having them become repetitive in nature.

The mood of the drums and saz kind of reminded me of a group of soldiers going out on patrol on the roads. Hence the name Staggered Column as that is the formation they usually deploy in on roads while on foot.

Thanks for listening :-)

2 months ago

Here is an improvisation on my hijaz tuned handpan. I created a 6/8 drum beat in Superior Drummer then improvised to it on the handpan. Later I added my Turkish baglama saz as it goes perfectly with hijaz tuning. I did a direct recording of the saz via the internal piezo dot pickup. Later on I added a guzheng synth via sampletank triggered by my plastic midi guitar in tap mode (someday I have to finally learn how to play piano lol).

This improvisation has a sort of mysterious mood to it so I named it The Bazaar Bar as it kind of reminds me of stepping into a strange hole in the wall bar in a far off land while sampling strange brews and snacks with unknown ingredients in them... Thanks for listening :-)

5 months ago

Here is a little jam that started out with a fast paced drum beat programmed in Superior Drummer. Once the drum track was laid out I started riffing on my Baglama Saz playing whatever came to mind. I decided to add a bit more bass via another saz track to harmonize with the main rhythm.

Still the mix seemed a bit high pitched for the drums so I added in my Musicman Stingray 5 bass. The bass has a few different effects on it throughout the song including a hint of octave pedal that drops it down a step as well as an autowah.

With drums, bass and rhythm in place I started work on improvising an electric guitar track via my Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody I. There are a couple different effects on the guitar including phaser, and ping pong delay. Then towards the end of the song I went for a chorus, reverb delay track to make a larger ambient sound.

The overall mood kind of reminds me of Virgil taking Dante on a tour through the various levels of hell. Purgatory is a much nicer place with a better range of seasons lol. Thanks for listening :-) #Baglama #saz #paulreedsmith

6 months, 2 weeks ago