Heidi Matthews is a Missing Persons Unit detective, re-assigned to the Sheepdog Unit, a team of law enforcers dedicated to bringing down the snuff industry. All she needs to do is put aside her animosity towards its unscrupulous leader and help the Sheepdogs put an end to the pandemic of violence.
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A military officer survives a nuclear blast, only to begin to uncontrollably grow into an increasingly unstable giant.

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"Capital of Conformity" is a dystopian short film by Aze Avora. "My Church Is In The Trees" is from the album Love is Wasted ©2017 Nathan Payne.

Capitol of Conformity | Dystopian Short Film

Love Is Wasted:

Capital of Conformity (my church is in the trees)

Music & lyrics written and performed by Nathan Payne
Published by Pablo Smog Publishing, ASCAP
All rights reserved


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🎬 Experience This Beloved & Award-winning Visionary Novel in an All-new Visual Format!

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👀 In anticipation of next year’s 10-year anniversary of this classic sci-fi coming-of-age tale of Max Diver’s Hero’s Journey into the Otherworld of dreams to rescue his endangered astronaut father, Sol Luckman Uncensored is thrilled to serialize this unforgettable story in an exciting new visual format.


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“Highly original fiction with more than a dash of the otherworld; well-developed characters, both male and female; excellent adventures; heartwarming conclusion and lots of wonderful ideas—what is there not to like? Highly recommended, a must-read.”—INDIE SHAMAN Magazine

Could it be there’s no such thing as the paranormal ... only infinite varieties of normal we’ve yet to understand?

From acclaimed author Sol Luckman comes SNOOZE, the riveting, coming-of-age tale of one extraordinary boy’s awakening to the world-changing reality of his dreams, Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction.

SNOOZE is “a moving story ... a multi-dimensional, many-faceted gem of a read. From mysteries to metaphysics, entering the dream world, Bigfoot, high magic and daring feats of courage, this book has it all ... I highly recommend [SNOOZE] for all ages. It’s an exciting journey within.” Lance White, author of TALES OF A ZANY MYSTIC

Join Max Diver, aka “Snooze,” along the razor’s edge of a quest to rescue his long-lost father from a fate stranger than death in the exotic, perilous Otherworld of sleep.

An insightful look at a plethora of paranormal subjects, from Bigfoot and lucid dreaming to time travel via the Bermuda Triangle, SNOOZE also shines as a work of literature featuring iconic characters, intense drama and breathless pacing to stir you wide awake!

“Luckman’s dazzling abilities as a novelist abound with lyrical prose ... Although [SNOOZE] chronicles a boy’s transition into manhood, I would not consider it young adult. The provocative subject matter of science and spirituality is very mature ... If you enjoy colorful characters, a fast-paced plot and stories that tug at your heart, this novel in eighty-four chapters is anything but a yawn.” Readers’ Favorite

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Global panic ensues when it is revealed that a mysterious UFO is actually a giant bird that flies at supersonic speed and has no regard for life or architecture.

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I FINALLY make it past the nasty plants, and I run into some bugs, that look even nastier!

Forever Skies is a first-person post-apocalyptic survival game. Return to Earth, ravaged by an ecological disaster. Fly, upgrade and customize your mobile high-tech airship base. Scavenge resources to survive, face dangers on the surface and hunt for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness.

Available on PC (Steam) Consoles coming soon.
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YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAweV86vDDREPvDLrLICT1Q
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Dark_Crossroads

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War of the Spheres (2/2) - Aliens Infiltrate and Sabotage - Science Fiction - Audio book Playlist https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/O5xcSONeinzB/

When humanity reaches for the stars, our probes are destroyed. They crash into an incredibly advanced piece of technology: a massive force-field. Unknown beings have placed a barrier around our star and planets, enclosing us within. We’re locked inside a Great Sphere. Was this invisible obstacle built to imprison us—or to protect us? No one knows the truth, but it soon becomes clear the barrier has leaks. Aliens infiltrate and try to sabotage our efforts to escape our cage. A warship crewed by military people and scientists beta-test an engine designed to pass through the barrier. Chief Gray, a security officer from Control, is assigned to help. His mission is critical: Earth must escape her bonds at all costs, even if it means war with our hostile neighbors. War of the Spheres is a new novel by James Millington and B. V. Larson, a bestselling SF author with over three million copies sold.

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