Here we take a look at the principles of a transmitting magnetic loop and then test a magnetic loop built by 2E0ERO.

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2 months ago

I discovered my speakers unintentionally transmitting as a microphone to a few different frequencies via GQRX recording (computer/Pinetab microphones completely disabled). We listen in remotely to hear all audio the computer is playing + any sounds in the computer's room- speakers unintentionally become a remote microphone.

When the speaker volume is turned down, the signal goes down and the broadcast goes away. When the speaker volume is down, it no longer functions as a remote microphone + transmitter.

We use Audacity to clean up the audio. GQRX is used to record the signals which are filtered on the Pinetab with internal RTL-SDR. Audio processing/noise reduction done running Parrot Linux using Audacity.

We also touch on the fact all electronic devices give off their very own unique electromagnetic emissions which can act as device signatures (strength depends on shielding).

In the case of this video sometimes speaker wire not properly shielded (as is found in most PC's) can act as a radio transmitter antenna without user knowledge. Here I discovered a few frequencies broadcasting the audio live (.25 second delay for SDR modulation).

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 Every Device has a unique signature
01:11 Example of Tempest capture
01:42 Side Channels
01:54 GQRX Remote Speaker Audio Recording
03:53 Video of remote signals
04:51 Cleaning up audio in Audacity

To clear up any misconceptions: the video from camera I needed the microphone for and you can slightly hear video audio in distance: the Audacity parts are the *pure* GQRX signals recording audio.


Pinetab with internal SDR from: www.pine64.com
Video Made In KDENLIVE: https://kdenlive.org​​​​​
Computer Video Editing Runs Parrot Linux www.parrotsec.org

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4 months ago

Using Pinetab's internal SDR we show how to find and listen in to voice transmissions, with some examples. Leaving off from the external SMA threaded antenna port modification we use GQRX to filter, change modes, gain/squelch, and more to maximize sound quality.

We start off with a brief antenna comparison including no antenna, LoRa (Long Range Low Power) antenna, and a long dipole antenna. Showing how a short antenna can work just as well when designed for LoRa. Antenna theory discusses the formula needed to make the perfect antenna.

(You can get a Pinetab with built in RTL-SDR card from https://www.pine64.com when they become available again)

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00:00 Intro/comparing 3 antenna setups using LoRa
01:41 How to find/listen to voice transmissions (settings/mode)
04:43 Bookmarking frequencies for later reference


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Pinetab Linux Tablet/Computer shown in video (Pine64): https://www.pine64.com​​​​

Pinetab running Arch Linux (DanctNIX):

Video Made In KDENLIVE: https://kdenlive.org​​​​

Computer using Parrot Linux www.parrotsec.org

4 months, 2 weeks ago

Pinephone makes a great screen for your SDR (Software Defined Radio). This powerful add on can allow you to capture GSM, live Satellite pictures of earth, pentest garage doors, keyless entry, and much more. Here is how to use it/install on the Pinephone + My suggestions.

0:00 I introduce rtl-sdr + suggest small hardware for ideally using w/pinephone/uses
02:24 Opening Gqrx opening + tip for screen
03:21 Showing Gqrx successfully working with 'waterfall'
03:40 Another suggestion for Gqrx to load fully shown in window
04:59 I show how to install drivers properly (***Do this 1st!***)

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Video Editing Done In Free Open Source: Kdenlive

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5 months, 3 weeks ago