i had the chance to appear live on Secret Sources channel and i had 28mins to email etc n sory it so very last min i was nervous n didnt make alot of point i wish i had so i made an expansion of my believes! #SecretSources #MarkCollet

twitter - https://twitter.com/mariel47629256
gab- https://www.gab.com/Lacy-Marie
Bit Chute - https://www.bitchute.com/channel/vPjaKw4cZeka/
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Instagram - https://instagram.com/mazbanelson_baileythechihuahua/

if u can afford for donate it would be much appreated as i really need a mic and a camera if i ever made enough id also get a new computer every penny would be going back into the quality of videos i can make buy subscriptions ect for streaming pro apps etc -
my Bitcoin wallet for donations -
Streamlabs - https://streamlabs.com/Lacy-Mariefreespeech
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Paypal.me/balileybonde email linked is [email protected]
my email is -
[email protected] for any1 that wants to reach out or do an interview when live streaming ill post a discord link

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