Today I'll be responding to a YouTube comment made on our video about the Ark Experience... and it has nothing to do with the Ark... but we are going back to Kentucky, this time to Fort Knox.

So why did I go to Fort Knox? Yes, I'm talking about the Fort Knox where all the gold is stored. The actual building where they have the gold stored is in the middle of a huge empty field. That building is one of the most secure places on earth... impossible to get into without clearance... and I've heard that the clearance has to come from the president.

This place is secure. I didn't get anywhere near it. The building with the gold is a part of the Ft. Knox army base... and this visitor center is where visitors are cleared to enter the Army base... there is no visitor center for the building with the gold.

So why did I go there? I went there because Fort Knox is the most secure place I could think of. And one of the YouTube comments we got on our show about the Ark Encounter had to do with security... the security of our faith.

Someone calling themselves “Born Again Atheist” wrote: “I was a fundamentalist Christian from an early age until around the age of 30.”

He then goes on to explain why he turned away from away from Christianity and was now an atheist. The reasons he gave were all objections I've heard before, and have answered many, many times in the past. It is so easy to see the truth of Romans 1:18 – atheists claim they are atheists because they don't see any evidence that God exists... yet these are people who “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” – meaning they know the truth... they know God is real... but they willfully and intentionally suppress that truth.

And if they actually wanted the answers to their questions, the answers are out there.

Atheists claim they don't see any evidence God exists, yet I don't see the
evidence they've done any serious looking. And here is where we get to the point... in many cases the supposed evidence is that they were once a Christian, and thus are supposedly familiar with Christianity.

Some say they went church for decades... grew up in a Christian family... maybe they went to Sunday school as a kid... maybe they even taught Sunday school.. so of course they know all about Christianity and god.

And... here's the point they are making... after all of this Christian training and upbringing... all of the teaching about the Bible they've had... in spite of learning about Christianity and learning about god from the inside... when they looked at all of this... there was nothing... no god... it was all a myth... a fairy tale... just a story. There is no god. So they left Christianity. They were no longer a Christian.

However... here's the problem with this reasoning... they never were a Christian. They may have had some knowledge... may have had a lot of knowledge... or maybe no knowledge. It is very common in churches today to teach worldly wisdom and values, claiming it is from the Bible. That's very common... and just because there is a building alled a church, that does not mean there are actually Christians there. So what these atheists learned about was not Christianity.

Just because there is a group of people calling themselves Christian, and they are all getting together in a building called a church... that does not mean they are Christians. The number I've been hearing is that close to 85 to 90% of the people calling themselves Christian, are not... in fact... a Christian.

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10 months ago