Patrick Bet-David sits down with Dr. Thomas Cowan to talk about the myth of contagion and how to heal from sickness.

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Forgiving is essential for self healing, and your peace of mind. You either need to forgive or ask for forgiveness—or both.
Forgiveness is about you learning from your experiences and not allowing them to keep you imprisoned with hate, resentment, and blame. Healing your own inner rage, anger, and resentment, stops the cycle of you projecting these emotions onto others or passing it on to your children.
Forgiveness helps you change the way you perceive and interpret what really happened. In other words, instead of focusing on the negativity and the victimization that you feel, ask yourself what can you learn from the experience to empower yourself so that you don’t have to go through this again. Transforming situations where you were the victim will help to free you from past grievances, and prevent you from projecting your hurt and pain onto others.
Forgiveness helps you move forward in life, and allows you to let go of your past beliefs, ideas, pain, and traumas that do not serve you anymore.
This is why forgiveness work is so important.

Meditations for cultivating the life you want to live.
For the best results be sincere and honest with yourself. You reap what you sow.

The purpose of this meditation is to coach your mind into shaping a reality that can help you perceive and experience your ideal life.
When we shift the way we interpret our perceived experiences, our world changes so that we may experience the reality that we feel and project.
Our issues, failures or successes are mostly based on how we interpret our reality and how we feel about our present situation and circumstances.

It is essential to repeat these meditations daily for a couple of weeks so that you can coach your brain and body to align with this new positive and optimistic outlook. Repetition is key to changing and reshaping the way you perceive, interpret and experience your reality.

These meditations will help you focus your attention on building a positive, productive and successful life.

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