Evidence of Self Spreading Vaccines

5 months, 1 week ago

It is slowly starting to leak out that John Hopkins Medical and other agencies have been developing 'Super Self Spreading Vaccines'. They have been developed to stop viruses from spreading in the Animal Kingdom and now they are leaking it out that these new MRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccines can actually be used as 'self-spreading' vaccinators - where the vaccine spreads in the same way that a virus would spread. So whether you want to take the vaccine or not, you may be getting vaccinated by someone who is close to you. The Cabal is Hell bent on getting everyone vaccinated one way or another and one we are vaccinated just wait until the upcoming flu-season when those who are vaccinated get the new flu. There will be many more death's just from the adverse vaccine reactions. I also look at the death of a 5 month old boy who got sick and died shortly after his mother received her second dose of Pfizer. She was breast feeding the baby boy at the time of his illness and eventual death. Like I have been saying for a while now: "THE VACCINE IS THE NEW VIRUS!"

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