The film presents how the human body recognizes and becomes aware of its surroundings. The various information pathways to the brain such as sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are explored in a accurate but simple manner via human impression and cartoon characters!

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please stop shouting on our sickened people who cannot sense anylonger what is good for them and run to get the killing and harming vaccines. Study what it is wrong by all of us but only in different degrees of damage
please listen carefully to this Lady

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tangentopolis (world orders review)
Sense #01 https://www.bitchute.com/video/oOEF0C1CX4O5/
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...it is not the 'fear of death' itself, no... indeed no, but rather the fear of the 'loss of the self', the essence, the kernel of consciousness, for we believe rightly or wrongly, that it is this phenomenon, which is definitively who we are. It simply 'is what is us'... (tangent)

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Clean Cut: Episode Directory

Clean Cut; Episode 197
What are the proper functions of our senses? Can that be part of an argument for the existence of God? What makes this argument work? What objections can be brought against this argument?
All well-reasoned comments welcome.

If you're new to the series, I hope you'll check out the previous episodes, as they contain a lot of deductions, which I'll be building on.

Originally posted Aug 14, 2015.

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These lectures and written works are allowed publication by the General Anthroposophical Society. All audio is taken from rudolfsteineraudio.com Recorded and read by Dale Brunsvold.

This book is an introductory primer for anthroposophical writings. It was written as an essential starting point for understanding the deeper mysteries of Dr Steiner's teachings and philosophy. The core elements of the anthroposophical view of mankind, his soul, mind and body are explored in depth within this work . The natural and super-sensible forces and their directions of impression upon man determine the shape, function and effect of his sense organs, these concepts are explained clearly for the upliftment of mankind from it's present material consciousness.

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