So here we are in 2021, over the last twelve months we've had the scamdemic, been oppressed by the Global Elites who were happily aided and abetted by our Governments, then to add insult to injury our American friends have watched in shock at the big election steal, will 2021 be any better? I don't know, but for now I give you four minutes of Beautiful Asian Girls, Enjoy!

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What's the BEST thing about a Swimming Pool Bar🍹? There's Never a Line for the Bathroom. Chillhop Pool is a Fantastic Lofi Euphoric Summer Mix🎵 4 Relaxing at the Pool🏖️ . Paddle in the water's warm.

I originally started this channel because I couldn't find enough essential chillhop beach music, so I set out to make some radical summer compilations of relaxing happy & fun mixes for when I'm chilling out at the beach, pool or on my way to catch some waves before Dawn Patrol.

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Mahalo. 🤙

Video & Music License on file at Envato for Commercial Use.

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(January 9, 2018) More of these lame female superheroes that can't do anything right but look cute...

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