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Replying to shad video about gundam. To answer a few things about shields.

Shad talks about gundam shields a few seconds after that point into the video. : https://youtu.be/zReEF_pzdyA?t=1017

If it doesn;t work he starts talking about gundam shields just before the 17 minute mark. Which i only cover a bit about gundam. There is way more about gundam and technology than i cover here. Like beam coating and other improvements made over to the mobile suits that happen over time.

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Shad Groverland Tried to Block this Video on Youtube. Rev. Shad Groverland is a public figure whose choices have come under scrutiny; namely -- endorsing con man Mas Sajady. Facts in this video.

Full information about the Sajady-Zhou Cult here:


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Published on Jul 24, 2017

YOUR MAJESTY THE KING OF KINGS : I see your smiling face as you sit upon the throne inside The Lodge Above, with Leila vesves AliReza by your side. I placed a .

Gegen-Sozialismus.jimdo.com .

Reza Pahlavi was only a teenager in 1979 when the Islamic invasion in Iran ousted his father, the late Shah of Iran. Since then Pahlavi, who now lives in the US, .

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